This is life, I guess

I’ve been struggling with depression and anxiety since the my brother decided to take his own life 4 years ago.
This year has been the worse since on January I got diagnosed with severe anxiety and SAD, daily thoughts of not being good enough at anything, life’s not worth it, nobody is going to miss me if I kill myself, etc.
2 weeks ago I tried to kill myself because I felt it was my time to die, that there was nothing I could do to overcome my depression and anxiety. The pain was too much to bare. But thanks to my best friend I didn’t do it, I chose to give myself another chance because she made me realize that there’s people that still care about me and I don’t want to hurt them.
I went to terapy last Tuesday to help me heal but unfortunately yesterday I got fired from my job because the company went out of business, so now I have to put that on hold because my financial situation changed. No matter what I do life still finds a way to mess me even more mentally, I sometimes don’t know what to do or say to convince myself that there’s still hope for me.

Any encouraging words will be appreciated. Thank you.


Don’t give up @mrpotato. I know it can seem hopeless, but the people who care about you don’t seem to think so. Trust them. You can get through this because you’re a survivor. Roll over and kick life right back in the ass :slight_smile:


It makes me happy to see you didn’t give up, life can be terribly annoying sometimes but there’s always a chance to get it back to normal!


You Are Loved My Friend.
Please Don’t Hurt Yourself.
Your Friend Is Right, There Are People That Care About You.
The Storm You Are Experiencing Currently Will Give Way To Bright And Beautiful Days.
We Believe In You.

“Look for the helpers…because if you’ll look for the helpers, you’ll know that there’s hope."
Fred Rogers

Ask Your Therapists For Assistance In Making Sure That You Can Continue Your Therapy.
They’ll Help You.


Thank you so much guys, I sometimes want to believe that there’s still hope that things will turn around for me I’ll try to find my path and keep going.



I’m so sorry for your loss and your troubles in trying to receive proper treatment. I became very sick when I turned 23, now 30. It’s been a long road, but I promise you, things can and will get better. Have hope