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I will keep this post short and sweet. I’m a fellow artist attempting to draw everyday or as much as possible. However my depression and anxiety kinda gets the best of me.

I would just like to see if anyone knows of any art community I could be be apart of along with any artist who’s in need of some other people with creative interests. Maybe theres a discord I could join or a cool art form idk. Honestly haven’t found much to do with this or maybe just don’t know where to look.

I’m a super friendly guy who’s just looking to share creative ideas and information.

Positive vibes to everyone!

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Hi again. :smile:

Actually there’s Danjo’s Discord who has a creative channel on Twitch (DanMakesHisMark) and is part of HS staff. Great place to be, to share your art and anything related to your creative activities! Streams are also an occasion to talk about what you’re doing, in a chill ambience and a safe environment. Don’t know if it would be exactly what you’re looking for, but feel free to join the Discord server if you want.

Also there are creative streamers and great communities on Twitch+Discord as well. Again, depending on what you’re interested in. You’ll probably see some of them, when they’re live, in the #community-streams-shoutouts rooms of HS and DMHM Discord. Keep an eye on it! :wink:

Positive vibes to you as well!