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So it isn’t this bad but … well, acouple months ago my dad started well made me go see a therapist . I wasn’t okay with it because I didn’t have any say or input he just told me I’m going . At the time I was 18 , was able to start signing me own name on stuff . (That isn’t a big deal) . What the issue was I didn’t give “consent” on signing this piece of paper (my dad did I believe). I am now 19 , And I still haven’t brought up my depression because it’s a trust/liability thing and if I were to talk about she would tell my dad . But can she not because I’m 19? It’s just a rough stituation because my dad only did this to fix my “issues” i haven’t gotten into any fights with family since maybe December of 2017 But I want to learn from my mistakes not let someone tell me this is bad or good . The problem is , the other day I was talking to her and she questions about if I’m still dating this guy and she asks me questions like do I kiss him . And I’m like no (I lied) . This wasn’t any of her business I feel like . Its just why did she have to go far to make me feel like I am now . what got to me earlier today is when in 2017 I self harmed because of my own father yelling at me because I screwed up because I did something wrong . Its his fault because of my self harmed issue . It’s just getting to me because I only have a few that I can trust and my therapist isn’t the one I trust . If I were to ask to stop seeing her I feel like he won’t let me stop. I feel like I don’t or have any input on this at all . I’m just done . I don’t think I need to talk to her at all . I am stuck and I really don’t know what else to do.

To be blunt. You are 19. If you live at home you’re still technically under their care and insurance. As for blaming the self harm on others… I’ve been there. I’ve self harmed. I learned that no one was at fault but myself. Because the truth is we are the ones that decide to hurt ourselves. Even if others are trying to help and we don’t see it. I’m 27. I wish I would have realized that the same things my parents did like sending me to a counselor was showing that they cared. They didn’t know how to handle it themselves, but it was their way to show they still cared. Your parents are there. Don’t push them away before it’s too late.

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@Redneck the part you don’t know it the reason I self harmed that year was because of my father

Do you want to talk about it? If you do then you should tell the therapist that the reason you don’t talk about everything is because she is going to tell your father and there are some things that you rather not want him to know. Don’t tell her anything then what I have said.
Also, if you feel uncomfortable with your therapist right now then you should ask for a different therapist as well. (Remember to tell the next one that you want total confidentiality. You don’t want them to speak to anyone else about your sessions.)

The thing is my father signed me up for therapy not me . He doesn’t know if I’m struggling or not , he signed the paper without my consent . So I’m clueless atm

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Do you have the option to switch therapists? With therapy it can take a couple of therapists until you feel that you are connected to one that you think will help you. Are you comfortable asking your current therapist why she felt the need to bring up who you are dating and the things you’ve done? She brought it up for a reason but if it is not relevant towards what you are talking about then I am not sure why she brought it up. I’m sorry that you are in this circumstance and hope that it improves for you.

I don’t have an option , my dad was the one who did it for me and I don’t know if he would let me stop seeing her . He only did this to fix my past issues . He did this behind my back . So yeah

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Hi Ashley,

Legally, licensed therapists are bound to confidentiality, especially since you are an adult. They would actually get into a lot of trouble if they broke confidentiality. You can ask your therapist to show you their policy on confidentiality so you are both clear. You have a right to see any paperwork she has about you as a client. Hopefully this will alleviate the fear that she would disclose anything to your father.

Also, even though a therapist can seem like an authority figure, at the end of the day, their job is to help and serve YOU. You can tell her what you are wanting to get out of the sessions (maybe ways to cope with your feelings or handling your relationship with you dad) and also express what you don’t want to discuss (dating, etc.). So if you are bound to the situation because of your father (which is really a tough place he put you in), hopefully you can find a way to get something out of it since you have to go for the time being.

I’m also wondering if your therapist knows that you are being forced to go against your will. This would be helpful for her to know as she can advise what to do in that situation or at least understand where you’re coming from.

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Thanks All for your love and support . Just have had mixed emotions because of what was said during visit . And I guess everything spilled from what I was having issues from the beginning/ had an issues I needed to release . I do have trust issues and I know I can usually trust . But with my mental health it’s picky . I’ll try to be fine for now

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You heard this from us live Ashley but here is a recap

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