This may sound stupid but i start to panic whenever something changes with youtube

From thetrashman6992: i’m not talking about guideline changes, i’m talking about cosmetic changes like a new layout. something as small in the grand scheme of things as this is enough to put me into a panic and try put it back to the way it was. weird thing is i don’t get this way over anything else. i’ve had this issue since around freshman year of high school and it’s only gotten worse over the years.


From thetrashman6992: i shouldn’t be this worked up over this. it’s not a big deal yet make it that way for no reason

I don’t think that sounds stupid at all. I think that sometimes when something brings us comfort and becomes familiar, it can be a shock when it changes. Even when it’s something like changing the layout of an icon, it can be jarring because it’s not the same familiar thing that our minds associate with as “safe”.
I know it’s probably not quite the same, but I struggled accepting when instagram changed the icon from a camera with the neutral colours to the very bright colours.

I’m really sorry that it’s been upsetting to you and that it’s brought up this frustration and unease. Your feelings are valid

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From thetrashman6992: So how did you come to terms with it

Change is HARD. How you feel makes sense and does not sound stupid at all. Thank you for posting. This may sound stupid but i start to panic whenever something changes with youtube - Social Media / Support - Discord - heartsupport - 27 May 2024 | Loom

From thetrashman6992: i say it sounds stupid because no matter what i do change will happen and whatever i do can only get me so far so it would be better for me to get used to it now rather than later, but i’m so stubborn with it that i have to change it back. i want to know how i can come to terms with it and stop panicking whenever it happens because it gets in the way of things and it actually causes me to lose sleep. i know change is hard but this is so unimportant to everyone else but me, i don’t want it to be, i want to stop caring about it

From thetrashman6992: oh sorry i didn’t see that it’s a video. i don’t browse the forums i just stay on discord

From thetrashman6992: will just using notepad work