This morning I loaded my gun and just before the trigger pull was up the cops came

I’m doing everything right, I’m busting my ass, I’ve got nothing to my name but a stupid fucking jacket and my phone. I’m so sick of trying. I’m so sick of being the person everyone at work looks up to but coming home to my hotel room to nothing every single day. I’m tired of busting my ass at work just to spend all my money on this stupid fuvking hotel. To make a long story short, this is most likely the last post im making on heart support. I apologize for wasting all of your time reading my explanation of the pathetic life I lead. Because when the clock strikes 11:45 tonight I’m fucking ending it. I’m going out with a bang. Can’t afford the confetti unfortunately. Feel bad for the sorry bastard that’s gonna have to mop my brains off the floor.


Hey there, it sounds to me like you’re really having a hard time right now.
Please don’t give up hope. Get rid of your weapon and get in touch w/ a crisis line to help get some perspective on this.

Crisis text line - text HOME to 741741

Suicide hotline - 1-800-273-8255

National suicide prevention chat -

Also, I’d love to draw a picture for you as a gift and send it to you to encourage you. Could you direct message me, or hit me up on Discord? (

Hold Fast friend. You’re loved.


Dampbread, it doesnt have to be this way. You’re seeking a permanent end to a temporary problem. You sound like you’re a good worker. Can you look on craigslist for an apartment or something?

Sometimes we can’t control the situation we’re in but we can control our reactions. Trust me man, plenty of times I’ve thought, yeah if I could just take the easy way out. But dont do it, it’s not worth it. Like Dan said, contact me on discord if you want! Praying for you man.

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Hey @dampbread. Things are hard for you, and I get that. I think you can be a bit proud of yourself, can’t you? You’re strong, you try so hard, the fact that you’re so tired is proof of the survivor you are. Please don’t give up. This wont last forever.


hey @dampbread ,
friend i know im responding to this late but please dont do anything that will hurt you. We want you alive, you have purpose, you have breath in you lungs, call a crisis line … We care about you please keep reaching out … (good enough - cimorelli) (worth the fight- cimorelli) (you’re worth it - cimorelli)
Here are some songs that have lifted me up . Your life is precious . We love you friend!


Don’t do that you are loved and people love you. God Loves You, Jesus Loves You. If you need to talk let me know


We love you @dampbread <3 Hang in there, friend. You got this.

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You are loved my friend. Just call someone to talk about it. Nobody wants to force you to do or not to do anything but there is so much that you don’t know in regards to how much people sincerely care for you. I would come get you in a time of need if you wanted. Just reach out please, this world needs you!


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Hey Dampbread, please let us know that you’re OK…

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