This not very much mental health i just need help with something

So i finally figured out that i want to be Transgender so Ftm but i don’t know how to tell my parents or hide my chest is there any ideas that could help me?


From: Micro (Discord)

Hey friend. First off, I’m so glad for you and proud of you for coming to terms with your own gender identity. This is a huge thing to acknowledge in your life, and the step you’re about to take with your parents is also a very, very important one. I’m not transgender myself, but I surely understand how it feels to have to come out to your parents and share something that would be life-changing for everyone. The outcomes are important, and I can imagine that this decision could be really stressful for you. At this point, I don’t know how is your relationship with your parents, but I’d say that the best way to discuss about this is to allow yourself to be vulnerable and to just share your heart as it is. You can be true to yourself, as much as possible, and that is what matters the post. Ultimately, their reaction will be their own, and it’s important to keep in mind that you can’t control it, and it will NEVER define your worth. Their reaction will be their, and your identity will always be yours. A way to make the conversation go as smooth as possible, and maximize your chances to make them understand how you feel and your intention to transition, would be to look after LGBTQ+ groups and resources. There might be groups, even online, where people would be willing to share their own experience of coming out to family members, and how to approach this type of communication. Another thing could be to look after written resources (online folders and so on) that are addressed to family members and friends, to help them understand what being transgender is, and what it’s not. These could be resources to use in order to anticipate their possible questions, and build your own answers. Because they’ll be likely to ask questions and try to understand, one way or another. Though you prepare yourself before the conversation happens, and gather as many resources you need to support the conversation. Overall make sure to choose a time when they’ll be committed to listen to you. Maybe tell them that you’d like to have a conversation with them at a specific time of the day, so you know they’re not going to be busy or interrupted while doing something. Again, just to maximize your chances to make this conversation a peaceful one. I truly hope that your parents will be understanding, loving and supportive. Know that no matter what, we are so very proud of you here. <3


From: twixremix (Discord)

hey friend! i’m so happy for and proud of you for sharing this part of you with the wall. the first question you asked of how to tell your parents is a question that is unique to each person’s family situation. you could either sit them down for a conversation, tell them over a meal, write them a letter, etc… but above all, allow that method to be something that is the most comfortable to you. if you aren’t able to say it face-to-face, writing that letter might be your best way to tell them, for example. it’s up to you, your comfort level, and who you want to know about yourself. the second point of binding your chest is a vital point that i hope you can become educated on because my friends have bruised their ribs before by improper wrapping methods! there are a ton of safe ways to do it though, so just make sure your binder fits, you don’t cut off breathing/circulation, and you feel yourself in it! let me know if i can help you find webstores for fitted binders or tutorials on wrapping. all in all, i’m sending you so much love and support as you continue on in your journey. looking forward to hearing updates and please never forget that we’re here for you! love, twix


Thank you this hasn’t been easy for me coming out as trans.


Thank you this has been helping me feel safe with coming out as trans and i would mind a few websites or videos for trying to making binders


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