Thoughts 1/24/23

Well got rejection on apartment looking again, I told the woman that I’m janitors, she probably thought I was a loser. People judge me because I clean toilets for a living. Even thou I make okay money, the woman are rejecting me for stupid reasons.

That why I’m going die a virgin , living at my parents house. Because if I don’t make a enough money , not smart , and not good looking. My sister told me that girl don’t date loser like me that live with there parents.

I’m fool of having a woman to accept me, but they only use me for money. Then throw me to the curb, and forget my name. But you know that okay, I don’t need them anyway.

They go find some other guy to use and be miserable with. I rather be with my parents that love, than someone for think they better than me and look me as a loser. What I learn no matter what you do for people, it never good enough.