Thoughts 1/24/23

Well got rejection on apartment looking again, I told the woman that I’m janitors, she probably thought I was a loser. People judge me because I clean toilets for a living. Even thou I make okay money, the woman are rejecting me for stupid reasons.

That why I’m going die a virgin , living at my parents house. Because if I don’t make a enough money , not smart , and not good looking. My sister told me that girl don’t date loser like me that live with there parents.

I’m fool of having a woman to accept me, but they only use me for money. Then throw me to the curb, and forget my name. But you know that okay, I don’t need them anyway.

They go find some other guy to use and be miserable with. I rather be with my parents that love, than someone for think they better than me and look me as a loser. What I learn no matter what you do for people, it never good enough.


I’m sorry that you’ve been facing different types of rejection lately. It makes sense to reflect on yourself and see it as a you problem, but really it’s the responsibility of others. Many people in this world – including women – don’t care about what someone do for a living when in comes to relationships. My partner could personally lose his job and be a janitor tomorrow, I would still love him the same way, and I’d do my best to help us if we had any financial struggle. When you are in a relationship, you’re partnering with someone. You become a team throughout life, and so many things that society sees as “important” only become very, very secondary. When your sister says something so harsh, she is expressing something about your relationship as siblings, but not about you as a person. Your social titles, your functions, your attributions never define your value. But I get that sometimes it feels that way, especially in more “professional” areas. There are situations for which our job and salary become a guarantee for accountability and reliability. In a world like ours it is often arbitrary, unfortunately.

I believe in you and in your ability to find your way in this world, live the life you want, despite what people tell you or what they make you believe about yourself. You have a good heart and you are right: genuine love is the most essential element that we need in our life, regardless of everything else. You would never deserve to be used, disrespected or discriminated. You being you, is and will always be enough. <3

Doing honest work, working hard as you do as a janitor? That is never something to be ashamed about or judged for!
The fact of life is we all use bathrooms, each and every day. And the work you do? YOU make life better for people, every single day.

It may be a cultural thing, I know of MANY cultures where being at home with your parents isn’t a bad thing, but it is a prized thing, something that parents love and want, because everyone can take care of each other every single day. To me, that makes you lucky that you are with your parents and you all love each other. That’s something to treasure and appreciate, there are load of folks in the world who don’t have that!

Same thinking for a being a virgin. You can look at it as you haven’t met the right person who you trust and love enough to be in a relationship with, or share that part of yourself with. Nothing to be ashamed about again. And again, there are loads of people who would say that they wished they had waited to be intimate with someone!

Your sister is wrong in some ways. SHE may be unable to appreciate a man for his working hard, and she may have her own issues. But whatever she said isn’t the rule or the consensus.

Keep being you, and being your best version of you. We’ve seen your progress here. You matter. And I’m grateful and glad that you keep sharing with us. Thank you for your trust in us.