Thoughts about hugs

Hugs are important for mental health so are kisses and hand holding. Feel good hormones are released eveytime we do that and It really helps mental health. Sometimes I feel like everyone should give hugs to each other. You never know when someone may need it. I really need a hug right now , not cuz I got troubles but I just need one right now.

To anyone reading this, if ur ever feeling down, take the opportunity to give hugs or kisses whenever the situation allows you cuz they are rare

That ends my Ted talk. Thank you for reading to the end


Thank you for this very sweet reminder. It is true that hugs are special and convey something very healing. When giving or receiving one from someone we love, it feels like the world stops for a short time, and we can allow ourselves to just be, to exist in the present moment.

I wish you could receive a giant hug right now from someone you love. Please know that even if it is “just” virtual, I’m sending you one full of compassion and friendship. You are not alone. :hrtlegolove:

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