Thoughts of Suicide I feel so alone and I am done with life

I want to sleep all the time. Giving up is all I have

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Hey My Friend!
Much Love And Hugz!
Please Don’t Hurt Yourself.
I Noticed You Are A Metalhead.
Do You Happen To Play Music?
If So, I Would Suggest You Try To Create And Write Music When You Feel Down Or Just Sleeping?
:love_you_gesture: :metal:

I understand how you feel. I am in the same boat. I won’t tell you what to do, except that I hope you find relief, even in your sleep…


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You’re not alone. Life isn’t easy.

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Do you know how hard it is to properly give up? Do you know how often the cheap substitute, suicide, fails and leaves you with only a husk of what you are now? Do you know how easy, relative to the other two options, it is to call someone, get them to drive across a country or a continent or fly across an ocean, pick you up and get you somewhere you can get treated for being so tired? Take the easy, reliable way out. Go call someone to get you.

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I do write my own songs but I am not good with drums or anything like that.


I know how you feel I have tried to kill my self before but trust me it does not work it makes your problems worse. It does not work at all.

I’ve been on the ground wanting that moment to come. I think about it constantly I know how I would do it and the place it is over for me.

Everything is gone I have nothing left.

Hey @metalhead1, love the name :metal: :smile:

I’m glad you found the strength to post your feelings. It sounds like you’re at the bottom of a very dark place right now. Have you ever felt like this before, and you come out of it?

I think many people who’ve been in this site can genuinely can relate to your current outlook. Currently I don’t feel hopeless, but I gone through periods of being hopelessly hopeless in the past. I’m glad I didn’t end my life. I have even learned to appreciate some of my past despair. I feel that overcoming it has made me stronger and more able to survive and grow from the brutal periods of life. I believe it’s also given me a depth, an appreciation for okayness, and some genuine empathy for others going through similar situations. There’s some gold to be found in the darkness.

If you feel comfortable with it, I’d love to hear more specifically what’s going on in your life…what happened to you…how you got to this low you’re currently at.

Yeah my depression always takes me down I never come out of it. Getting up is torture I’ve cut myself during a day that I couldn’t take the feeling of being trapped without anyone is more than I can bear. I have lost guys who were close and now there is no reason to live. It is like I am already gone with no hope I cannot hold on anymore.

Your thoughts sound so dark, and the amount of loneliness you’re experiencing sounds dreadful :frowning_face: I’m so sorry to hear that you’re so alone and depressed. I would like to continue talking with you if you’re okay with that.

Would you be comfortable sharing more about what’s going on? You can share whatever you’re comfortable with (or not), but I’m especially curious about these guys you lost…what do you mean when you say you lost guys who were close? Some more things I’m curious about: Is there anyone you’ve been talking with in the last few months? Do you work, do you go to school? What’s the last year been like? I appreciate you finding the courage and time to share your feelings. Would you care to share a bit more about what’s been going on?

H - Hold
O - On
P - Pain
E - Ends.

It all begins with that. Hang in there.


:point_up: She’s Right.


There are people that can help you with your situation. There are anonymous groups that meet and discuss loved ones lost, etc. These small groups can allow someone to meet another someone who shares the same feelings and in that the road to feeling better and not so sleepy all of the time. Someone above said to call someone. I agree whole heartedly…call anyone…someone will gladly come and help you with your situation. Where are you? (Country/state) if you feel comfortable with answering that? I may have some resources for you.

Stay strong friend.


There is so much it would take a long time I haven’t talked with anyone for what seems like forever the last year was the same nothing ever changes. It is so hopeless I do not have anything else to say it is so hard to stay awake.

Thank you for sharing what you’ve shared. I don’t want to pressure you to share any more, I just wanted to listen with and talk with you. You seem very lonely and dejected, and I don’t know how to be there for you.

A lot of people here have said a lot of encouraging, wise words, and I’d just like to add: I’m sorry you’re in such a low place right now. Joe’s recommendation about joining a small group for lost ones sounds like it could introduce a lot of positive change where you’ve felt there’s been none for so long. This isn’t the only perspective to see life from, you can see life as beautiful and exciting again :sunny:

Totally fine. Yeah they have said a lot of cool stuff.

I am in arizona right now.