Tired and want to give up

I pretend that I have hopes and plans for my life. I don’t. I’m tired. I want to give up on everything.

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I have been here at points in my life as well. It’s ok to be tired, I know it gets frustrating though being tired all the time. Sometimes it takes a while to figure out what we want from our life, and that’s ok. You are not alone in that. Giving up is a long term solution to a temporary problem; even though right now it may not seem like it I promise you with time and work things do get better.

I know it may be annoying to hear these things, as I’ve been in your spot too, but please know it gets better. The sun will rise and we will try again.

Do something that makes you happy; maybe write down how you are feeling and what has caused these feelings.

I’m proud of you for reaching out here, and I encourage you to post when you need support.

Please know things do get better, just take it slow.

Much love, we are always here for you. I promise with time and work we things can and will get better.

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