From andy23376: For the past month I’ve been dealing with some pretty bad pain in my right ear. I have been to urgent care and the ER and both times had an ear infection and was on 2 rounds of antibiotics. I just finished antibiotics 3 days ago and the pain is back. But I have also been treating TMJ Pain as I was diagnosed with TMD back and in July and I have been having a hard time chewing certain foods. I started eating only soft foods last Tuesday bc I want to rule out TMJ or any jaw issue bfor I make any decision to go back to the doctor bc I’ve already been twice. Several times I have tried eating harder food again and it just hurts. I just want the pain to stop. It’s really starting to get to me mentally and I’m feeling like it’s never going to go away. It’s getting really hard to deal with it.

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Hi, Andy how are you doing,
I’m so sorry to hear about the difficult time you are going through. I am not a medical professional but I did do some research to help you out. Instead of going to the ER maybe you should see an ENT that specializes in ears and can give you further medical attention bout your ear and potential issues relayed to TMJ. Given your history of TMJ visit a dental office to see if any dental issues are related to your ear pain. In the meantime take pain relievers or ask a doctor to write you a prescription, apply a warm compress to your right ear, mainly stick to a healthy diet. Your ear will get better you just need further medical attention.