Too much of a wreck

Life feels like an emotional roller coaster for us . We have our ups , and we have our downs . Today this is my down. I just cried twice today. I should have known. I hate this feeling . I hate being a wreck i HATE feeling depressed, sad, and emotional. but hey that’s human. What sucks is that i don’t want to eat right away. All my mom wants is to see me smile but i can’t mentally. As some of you may not know my little rabbit who’s 3 months is sick. and today we took him to a different vet to see if the can help him and this lady who i had a negative opinion on was talking to us and i just felt like crap because I felt like I wasn’t doing the right thing when I switched medicines and i was trying to not cry. So they called us back and they tell us everything. discharge in right side of nose, had to get a Penicillin injection which we have to go back for till its done with, check to see if he has Pasteurella , and take Isoflurane , which is to be used to be put under for grinding down the teeth because the rabbits teeth never stop growing. I really wanted to take him home and do it tomorrow. But i couldn’t. I’m so attached to my rabbits that is hard to see him be sick/have to undergo stuff while my other one is home alone . I just sucks, maybe I’m selfish for feeling this way. It feels like I should of known what to expect but I guess not . I’m tired of feeling like crap . this sucks i just want to forget this day . I want him to be better, and to be home in my arms.


Best wishes for you and your rabbit, I hope everything works out!
You sound like an amazing pet owner who cares very much about her pets!

I’m truly sorry you have to be in this situation, and I hope from the bottom of my heart it all turns out fine and everyone ends up with smiles and laughs! It’s hard to know what to expect, in any situation even the ones where you have complete and total control. I hope you’re able to find some peace of mind whilst this is all going on and I send love and respect your way for enduring this alongside your poor rabbit.

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update: feeling better, little one is on medication lets see how he recovers and see if the bump goes down from the fluids

@all_around_ashley, I hope all goes well for you and your little buddy. Chin up friend my heart goes out for you

thanks this is day 2 hes still in recovery mode thanks

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I am so sorry for your rabbit I can imagine you are suffering a lot. I will keep you in my prayers. Stay Strong.