Total Exhaustion

I am completely exhausted all the time. I am both tired and fatigued, physically and mentally.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

I do my best to stay happy and healthy yet I remain exhausted. It doesn’t feel worth it anymore.


There are things that helped me a lot with issues just like yours. First i’ll go with the easy ones, the typical ones: Exercise (running + gym) and lowering the dosage of caffeine. It can be contradictory because caffeine is told to give you disposition, but from what you’re saying you’re feeling down emotionally, the body usually follows up. So i’m sure less caffeine could only help in this case, and of course, eating healthy.
Now to the one that made my life better (since i’ve been trying very hard lately): green tea.
Taking two to three cup of green tea everyday had a significant improvement in my life. I think those are very good tries. Bear in mind that, although green tea has Caffeine, it also has L-Theanine, a very good substance for the mood and disposition.
Good luck and i hope it helped!

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Hi jsrt,
thank you for sharing, and welcome to Heart Support.
with exhausting yourself out, it has so much to do also with your life circumstances.
is your job burning you out ? or is it just that you are overwhelmed or drained from life ? have you suffered some
major injuries or infections ?
what helps often, is to do a list with the things that are running through your mind. to get them out of there. when that is done, do one step a time. take care of yourself now first.
a step for yourself to look at your complete life now, is often that what is needed. considering your next steps then, after you did something like that. one step a time and don’t overburden yourself with things.
you are loved and you matter most :purple_heart:
feel hugged

Hi jsrt,

Welcome to Heart Support and thank you for posting.

I’m sorry you are feeling exhausted. I know you said you do your best to stay healthy, but I feel like a trip to see your doctor might be a good idea. Just to rule out anything physical that might be going on with you. I had anemia for awhile and I was exhausted all the time too and there are other ailments that can cause you to feel tired. So, perhaps your doctor can run some tests and see if there is anything going on that can be treated.

I hope you figure this out and feel better soon!

From: ManekiNeko

hey jsrt, feeling so drained and being unsure why is something I’ve been familiar with. Sometimes it comes down to my mental health, sometimes it’s just my body needing a res because it’s becoming unwell. Mystrose had a good point about seeing your dr about it to rule anything out.

you know your body what it’s needs my friend. One thing I’ve learned is that it is okay to give it rest. Giving it the right nutrients it needs and the sleep it needs. I hope you are feeling better soon. Maybe this weekend can be a time for you to practice some self care.

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Hi @jsrt,

Thank you for sharing; we’re glad you joined this community.

I imagine it gets pretty frustrating when you’re doing what you can to stay healthy but still suffer from this fatigue. That’s seriously tough!

I just want to pop in with a friendly reminder to try taking it easy on yourself. Exhaustion is natural, yet it can make day-to-day life so much more difficult. I hope you aren’t suffering the additional burden of feeling bad about anything you don’t have the capacity to get done at this time.

Please keep us updated if you’d like to share more if anything is on your mind. We’re here for you.

<3 Tuna

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jsrt, So hard to feel like you’re zapped, ALL THE TIME. Because it’s a compounding effect. When you’re tired, the things you could normally do only exhaust you further. It makes you feel hopeless, like you’re trying to stay on top of a running log, but you’re constantly in danger of slipping off and getting run over. It’s like every moment of every day is that threat of - I’m going to fall, I’m going to fall, and when I do my life is going to just plow me over. It’s hard to feel like you’re putting in the effort of doing the right things, but nothing is getting better. It’s hard when people say “do these things, and you’ll find hope”, and then you do those things and nothing changes. It makes you feel more hopeless than before. It makes you want to bury your head in the sand so things don’t get worse than they are, but when you do that, things just get worse. It’s so hard because it feels like there’s no /right/ answer, no door you can open to change scenery or get respite or improve your life. It just feels like it is what it is, a downhill steamroll, and you’re just trying to stay upright.

Hi jsrt,

It could be a number of things. Have you talked to your doctor about it? I myself know from blood work that I have low Vitamin D, and that can cause both low energy with mentality and your physical energy. I definitely know how you feel with that, I’m also constantly exhausted. I would talk to your doctor, and possibly ask them to check your blood work. Things like waking up in the middle of the night and depression can also cause low sleep. Please let us know how it goes and keep us updated, okay?

Hey there, jsrt

I’m so sorry to hear that you are feeling like this. Have you tried things like sleeping earlier, taking colder showers, working out, or even cut out non–productive partt rr s if your life? Life will feeel worthless, but you can push through.