Toxic people! Ugh!

Ive never been so motivated to go to rehab and do everything i can to overcome addiction…so many people, especialy at heart support have been incredibly supportive but there are just as many people who tell me that i cant or wont do it…all to often its the people that i want most to give me a hug, encourage, and be happy for me…its so discouraging!

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Hi friend. I can so relate to this feeling! Not just now but through out my upbringing and in my marriage it always felt like those who should be the most supportive were the ones who were hurting me the most and bringing me down! It was demotivating and deflating.

You are not alone! I hear you and I see you! And despite how people have made you feel, you matter, you are important, you are cared for, even if we are perfect strangers. Your feelings are valid.

I’m sorry for how people have left you feeling. You deserve to be loved and supported. Lifted up and encouraged.

I know we aren’t the people directly around you that should be loving you, but just the same we are here to encourage you. To listen. To offer open arms. To be a safe place.

Do not give up my friend. One day at a time, small goals, self care and self love, you can pull through this. I believe in you. Do not worry and focus on what others are thinking and saying. I know that’s hard when it’s friends or family that are hurting you. I had to distance from my family unfortunately. YOU CAN do anything that you want for yourself. With the effort, patience and dedication you can! Show them how wrong they are :heart:

Much love to you!

  • Kitty
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Makes me want to give UP

I KNOW RIGHT? When the people you want to encourage you the most, don’t. Well they don’t understand. You can do this, and you don’t need their permission to get through. You are the only one who sets your limitations.

hi friend,
I know this is a very frustrating thing, but know that this community loves you and wants to be an encouragement to you! I hope you find peace and comfort here: ) thank you for sharing