Transgenders are normal people we are!

Thanks for allowing me to vent here!,
I am 19 I live in the usa where trans are not accepted alot,
In my life I have felt like living behind a mask my whole life, when I was little I would always want to wear the opposite sex’s clothes im not going to get into that all,
what I am here for is to spread awareness to others who have talked down on transgenders you know they say things like (" transgenders are gay, homo, a it") things like that and it is not fair I have suffered that! My best friend ended her life over something like this all because what people said to her she was a transgender she felt everyone was looking at her she couldnt talk to anyone and it is not great it makes you feel like sht Im sorry for the language I am very upset with most people who do this and is a strong subject for me If you are a trans etc… live strong you are strong you are who you are dont listen the the asholes who make you feel like your nothing who speak down on you! YOU ARE YOU BE YOU, I struggle with that and hate too see others in that position. I have depression and social anxiety that makes it worse for me and many others! TRANSGENDERS ARE THE SEX THAT CHANGED TO THEY ARE DOING THEM AND LEAVE THEM ALONE, please dont bring negativity to them the are like you living there life so go live yours please and thank you for taking the time to read this

I agree. Transgenders are people. I personally have no problem with transgender people. I want people to be who they are. So if someone was born a man but they naturally identify as a woman. I see no problem with them changing themselves to becoming who they are. I relate to them because I am overweight. I see myself in the mirror everyday and never have recognized myself. (I’m not sitting on my butt though. I am doing my own type of transitioning to becoming who I am)
So I feel like I have a hint at least what someone that is transgender feels in that moment when they look into the mirror. It is a painful thing. I get mad as well when somebody points out how this person use to be another sex. I feel the only people that should know or care is only the doctors incase the person becomes deathly sick and the significant other (who shouldn’t care if they really love the person.)

Hi, I think I understando you a lot, and , if you want to know I create an acount here just to can reply this post, because I seen no one have reply and feel like why this topics are less important for people than another … I am gay, and live in Colombia what is so much worst, here people is a little more ignorant about this things and more intolerant … but the worst of all this is that is the “Religious Comunnity” who take the banner anti-lgbt … and almost all ideas agaisnt us have fundation in God, The bible, or this things, lees in love … I know how hard is to face the world being who you really are, but I really know something, anything you can do to hide your sel willl shut up that voice inside you telling you “Be Free” and any pain will be too big than hate your self and hide your face being ashame of showing who you really are, and if you think about it, and if to you matters, God create you just like that, perfect and planing something with you and being conciuos that he create a transgender person with a great porppose … en want you to be free and face the day with no shame :slight_smile:

Hi - I have transitioned (please all, please don’t say transgendered with an ed, unless of course, that’s become acceptable and then I will have to admit that I am out-of-touch!). I have been female now for many, many years. I don’t agree with you on the generalization of the United States. I have lived in several areas that are very accepting of transgender and transitioned people. I only say this because I want to support you and encourage you to seek out those places to live as you move through life. There are many. I can give you some ideas too, about what works for me now and when I transitioned, and what didn’t. I’d love to hear from you about what works for you and what doesn’t. Here’s a thought for starters… is identifying as transgender important to you? Perhaps once you have transitioned, if you haven’t yet, you will identify as the gender you prefer and the notion of transgender won’t be as important to you? I’m a little off the beaten path here, but in my mind, transgender is something that I did, but it’s not who I am. What do you think?