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Trevor Fan #6

I find myself in negative thought patterns constantly on a daily basis. My depression has drained me physically my motivation to get up in the morning is low


Hey friend,

I’m sorry you are having a hard time right now. What thoughts are you struggling with right now? It’s good to talk about it and you are absolutely welcome to here if you need.

I know we’re in a time where things are extremely difficult. Especially with having to isolate so much. But there is a whole community here willing to listen and support you. :heart: You don’t have to face these feelings and thoughts alone.


Ugh, it’s like a quicksand pit that follows you everywhere…you find yourself thinking something and – here we go again…and you don’t know how to get out, it’s like the pit is only satisfied by completely consuming you and then once you feel sufficiently suffocated by its negativity, at some point it releases you only to grip you again the next time and the next time. It’s literally exhausting, it takes everything from you, so when you resurface, there’s nothing you feel you can do except wait for the next wave to take you, and so you find it really hard to get motivated for anything or make any kind of positive movement in your life

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