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Tried killing myself an hour ago


There is nothing for me in this life. I have nothing in this life that is worth making me go on. I just want to kill myself. If I fail, try again. I don’t mean anything to anyone and never will.

I just want to die, not even by suicide


Hey @Reijak, I know life seems pointless. But please, live to see another night. And keep looking to the moon each night. I won’t lose you. You are worth it. You are stronger than you know. It feels like you don’t have anything to live for, but I know you’ll create heaven for someone out there. Don’t give up. You’re a fighter, nothing will take that away from you. Don’t give up, please. Heartsupport will always be here for you. Post whenever you like, ok?


I know it’s hard to see past the darkness you feel surrounding you, but know that although you feel as though this life has nothing for you, we are for you. You have a community that loves you and wants you to fight. I truly believe you were not meant for a life of pain and misery. You are always loved and welcomed here. Keep holding on. You can do this.

Hold Fast

Hannah Rhodes