Tried to get help

So my depresion got worse again as it always dose and i tried to get free or really cheap therapy and I got put in a waiting list and just need to get my feeling out and get someone to listen. I keep havung nightmares about high school and I keep thinkong of the past and i can’t stop and I just feel like not doing anything im not suicidal just dont want to do anything. I also hate the way I look and idk what to do I’m just become in numb and it dosent help I dont have the suport groupe o had in Rochester because i moved and i was doing really well and stoped taking meds and ran out and idk what to do.



I’m sorry your depression got worse. Have you heard of Dwarf Planet? It is book that HeartSupport put out, and I highly recommend it. I am not done with the book, but it is helping me to see depression in a different perspective. Thank you for sharing.

Hey Lost,

First I want to say that you’re so brave for making a post on the support wall! I personally know how hard it is to ask for help and support, especially when it comes to mental health. To one friend to another, who struggles to find a therapist that is cheap enough for me to afford (because I don’t have insurance), I get you! But please don’t use that as a reason to not find a support group, or support system, even if getting a therapist is not an option! I hope that you can find a therapist in your area, and can get back into it.

Also when it comes to taking medication, it’s tough, but if it was prescribed to you, it was for a reason. I encourage you to get back on it if you can, and if you don’t like it, or feel like it’s not working then that is something that you should discuss with your doctor, so they can switch that around and do what is going to help you and what is best for you.

We are here for you, and I hope that you can take our support to heart! We love you and hold fast friend! Also check out Dwarf Planet, if you want a free copy let us know, and we will make sure one gets sent to you!

Hold fast,

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Thanks everyone for the support and I will keep trying yo find support groupes and @Monkey I wanted to stay in my meds but i ran out and no one to perscribe them for me again

Also im always open to try different methods and read diffrent self help books just trying to save for a therapist first before I buy anything else

Distract yourself. Find something to do and keep doing it. You’re brooding on the past and that is why it is bringing itself up repeatedly. Distract yourself enough that you won’t have time to brood.

Hey there @lost ,
I am so sorry you are going through this. I’m sorry your depression got worse. It sucks that you
have been put on a waiting list but, why? you do need to talk to someone ? is there another place you could go to talk to someone
so you can feel better? The nightmare part sucks , and i know it happened to me for a week straight with my mental health. BY the way its
not healthy to think about the past because when you think about it , its just gonna make you feel worse. I’m saying this because
you may get thoughts of oh i wish i did this better, i wish i could just skip over and just redo it. But to be honest you need to focus
on the now and not the then . the more you dwell on the past the more you feel like you should of fixed it . There’s a saying from a song
that says " I wished I could go back and rewind it all." it means you wish you could go back and
redo what you messed up but the truth is it happened and you need to focus on the now so can get stronger. I’m also sorry you hate the way you look
i am some what that way to with my voice and my “chubby” cheeks. Feeling numb is an issue, and i know , I’ve felt that too. you are not alone. I’m sorry
you moved away from a good support group and do the medications work at least? if not, i hope you figure something out.
Remember you’re worth it and remember to hold fast.

Ya im looking for another therapy place and I’m not curently on medication and I try to not think of the past but it just kinda happens

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uplifting playlist

if you ever feel down here is some songs that may help you or you may like. I wish you the best of lucky and I hope you cant find help soon.

I will give it a listen thanks for all the suport

Hey friend,

Just wanted to check back up on you and see how you were doing! Did you end up getting a copy of Dwarf Planet, if not feel free to respond and I can get you the link so you can get a free copy of the book! Remember you are loved… valued and important.

Hold Fast, You’re Worth It,


Sorry it took me a while to respond things have been hectic lately but i started seeing a therapist recently and thats going good and no I have nit gotten a copy of dwarf planet

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Click that link fill out the information and they will send you a copy for free

Thanks for the book and the support

Hello friend, thanks for sharing.

The best thing to do is concentrating on yourself. Do the things you love doing, try out different and new stuff, and you’ll soon be distracted enough to enjoy life way more. I was in a similar conditions, and doing that led me to get completely rid of medicines, and to feel better overall. Now that I’m out of depression it just feels like a long bad dream.

Hold fast, we love you

pioggia :sunflower: