Trouble with my TSA(Autism spectrum disorder)and Adhd

From kommandospezialkrafte: Recently my Girlfriend said infront of me that she hate my autism and adhd she always hate me for like 1 year sand 5 months she said “i was faking all this time” and what after a bit arguments she said im fianlly attached to you but yeah it’s very hard for me to handle that like i have already low self esteem + self harm i hate myself in everyway i lies a bit im shy + other factor juste i need advice help and for finishing i have depression… help…


Hey there friend!

I want to start off by saying that I’m so proud of you for reaching out. It takes a lot of guts to reach out and be open and honest about your experiences and feelings. I respect you a lot for that,

You matter, and you are important. Please don’t let someone else’s words dictate how you feel about yourself. People say terrible things for no reason sometime. You are not their words, thoughts, or anything like that.

Relationships can be very tricky and tough at times. Do you have some friends or family members that you can be open with about your situation and relationship? Because you deserve much better than what you’re getting, and I think having a conversation with someone close to you may help you get out of a harmful situation.

We love you, please love yourself through this :heart:


hey friend, thank you for being here and opening up about what you’re going through. i’m so sorry your girlfriend said those hurtful things to you. you do not deserve to be treated like that or to be told that anything about you is worth being hated for or to be harmed for, physically or emotionally. you deserve to be loved and to love for all that you are. for anyone to contradict that truth and harm your self-esteem is not easy to endure. when you find yourself in these situations where someone, especially someone who’s so involved in your life, is making you feel less than your infinite worth, take a step back and ask yourself if these are the people you need to surround yourself with. as someone who’s battling depression and self-harm, you deserve to be surrounded by love, respect, and care. wishing you all the best in finding your path forward! you got this, my friend.


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From mannios: Heya!
Thank you for being here and sharing with us.
It sounds like your girlfriend has behaved in a very hurtful manner towards you.
Please know that you deserve to be loved without harm.

Rooting for you!

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It is a huge step that you’re reaching out and seeking help, this is amazing.
Understandably, those comments are hard for you to handle, no one should feel dismissed by their partner, you should feel supported and understood. You deserve to be loved entirely, every aspect of you deserves to be loved.
I hope you get through these hard times and remember to take care of yourself!


Hey there my friend. Im sorry that someone said that to you - especially a partner. I imagine that must feel like such a dagger to the chest. heartsupport — Mozilla Firefox - Trouble with my TSA(Autism spectrum disorder)and Adhd - Social Media / Support - Discord - heartsupport — Mozilla Firefox - 16 May 2024 | Loom