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Trying to find a hobby

I’ve been working on my mental health for a while and something that’s a major issue that I am working on now is my mind racing and having thousands of thoughts rush into my head all day. I am hopefully going to try to find a hobby to help with that and keep myself busy. I want to try blogging but don’t know what website to use and would like to start by using a free website because I don’t know how long or how far this will go. Any suggestions would be great.
Thanks, lost

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Hobbies are great for keeping those racing thoughts at bay. I couldn’t get into the blogging community; it wasnt me. But I have several other ideas for hobbies. Everything goes based on your personality. Im a bit of a nerd.

Warhammer and Warhammer 40k are great hobby communities. It’s a table top style game that enables the player to paint their own miniatures and thats what worked best for me. Being able to sit down and paint giant demon models or little Space Marines. It took time and got my mind off of so much. The only drawback is that it can get expensive.

I started Dungeons and Dragons a few years ago and it has been miraculous. RPG’s can really help you get out of your head. Being able to create my own character and wreak havoc on my brother, who is the Dungeon Master, and cause so much mischief has helped a lot. I play a Kender Palidan, and everyone in the group hates me for it. My characters personality can be described as a 3’ tall ,7 year old, girl hyped up on Mtn. Dew and cocaine who has an unhealthy obsession for shiny objects.

Stargazing is a big one for me. I love astronomy. So staring off into the night sky and just looking into the vastness of what we can see from earth is breathetaking and relaxing. There are so many stars up there. And depending on where you are in the world, if light pollution isnt a big factor, you can see the gas clouds that form the spiral edges of our galaxy. And if you look close enough, you might just spot the Andromeda galaxy.

Once again, the hobby you choose should be tailored to you and the things you like. These are just simple suggestions that I found really helpful.

That’s for the suggestions and I will keep those on mind I am going to try a bunch of different things till one clicks