Trying to Stay Strong

In these past few months of summer I’ve been doing really well. My depression has been at ease and my anxiety is still bad but not as bad as it usually is. I’m pretty sure school is a big reason my mental health isn’t all that great. Besides that it’s been 3 years since I’ve last self harmed but here lately I just have that urge that comes out of no where. I know how to deal with t usually and I know how to find an escape. It’s just I don’t know how many more escapes I have left. I know this is all over the place and it’s confusing I’m just so lost and worried I’ll lose it again. I just don’t want to hit rock bottom again because of a choice I might make out of spite. I just don’t know what to do.

You have made this far with depression and self harm. You can make it through school. Have you talked to your school counsellor about how you are feeling. I will keep you in my thoughts. Keep using your escapes. You are strong. You can beat this you already have . Keep fighting and pushing on.

Hold fast

First of all I want to say well done on 3 years - as I self harmer I know first hand how hard it is. If school is causing problems is there a school counsellor or teacher you can speak too for support? If so I’d advise that - they’re there to help you. Keep reaching out to the community - they are the things bringing me back on track with my recovery.

Hold fast

@sds1 i believe in you. You can do this. Talk to people, ask for professional help. You are a beautiful, strong person. Those thoughts don’t know you like we do. We love you, and we will always listen. Don’t listen to the urges, kick it right back in effing ass. YOU ARE YOU, AND YOU ARE SOMEONE TO BE ADMIRED.
Even if you don’t love yourself right now, I love you. You deserve to be loved.

Never give up <3

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Thank you so much for your kind words. It means the most to me.

This community helps me a lot. Counselors don’t really exist at my school it’s really small. I do have people to talk to though sometimes it’s just hard to reach and feel safe doing so.