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I feel like I’m losing my best friend, I miss him. I don’t think we had a problem, but I miss having him to talk to. I feel very alone.

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It sucks so bad to feel like you had this level of closeness with someone, that you would share anything with them, that your lives were intertwined, and now, all of a sudden it feels, you find yourself completely separated, as if you were never that close anyways…it feels so strange to be distant from someone you never imagined losing. It leaves a hole that you feel is impossible to fill. And it is a brutal loneliness to experience.

I have had something similar happen over the past two years – I had two best friends that I felt were closer than brothers, and slowly, over time, things have faded, and there are times were we feel unfamiliar – as if we are just acquaintances on social media. I get my news about their life secondhand, after or at the same time as everyone else. I miss them. I feel that ache.

I’m sorry you’re going through that friend. You are not alone in that pain.