Tw drinking

From griffincasper: 2 months sober yayyyyyy==


From eagertuna0: Congrats <@1136860897592221756>! That’s incredible and I’m proud of you!

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That’s truly wonderful!

From micro_tato: YES! Well done!! 2 months is a huge milestone! You have been proving to yourself that you can do it! You got this! <:hrtclaps:895806234786136084>

This is amazing! Keep up the good work :heart:

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From griffincasper: I mainly did it cause I’m pregnant but it is still an amazing milestone

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Indeed, it is a very significant accomplishment that is worth being celebrated. I would imagine that being pregnant has given you a very strong motivation, as it pushes you to not only make decisions for you, but also for your child. It may feel like it was something obvious to do for you and not really a choice at first, but really, being sober is still the result of your efforts and strength. I’m so very proud of you.

Proud of you!!! Keep it up!

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From mamadien: This is a huuuuuuge and awesome accomplishment! Really proud of you.

From fredv3924: Congrats :tada::confetti_ball::balloon:!!! Proud of you! KEEP GOING!!!:heart::green_heart:

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