TW:Drug urge

I just really need to tell about this i have nobody IRL I can talk about this so last night I was in a really bad set and had a headache and my room mate has there meds in open area I had a really bad urge to take there meds crush them up and get high off them I have never had this urge I do smoke weed and Cigarette but not any other drugs why is this happening?


I’m sorry there is no one IRL that you can talk about this with. Glad you shared it here…

Sounds like a confusing time for you. Was there something going on that you can think of that made you want to escape for awhile? It sounds like it’s out of the ordinary for you.


Hi Mystoryisntover Thank you for posting. I was addicted to pain pills for 5yrs and I lost an 18yr marriage and my 13yr old job. (There was a little bit more to it) I think that you’ve gotten this urge because the weed you’ve been smoking isn’t “doing it” for you anymore. It’s called self medicating and that’s how I became an addict. At 54yrs old, I still smoke weed and struggle a lot with addiction. My advice is to never cross that line because nothing good will come out of it. Trust me. ~Mystrose


From: eloquentpetrichor

Welcome back, Mystoryisntover! It’s good to hear from you again. I’m glad you fought the urge to take your roommate’s medicine. Taking them could have definitely done some harm to you.

Could you ask your roommate to keep their medicine in their room or out of sight so that the temptation isn’t there anymore?
Stay strong :hrtlegolove:


From: twixremix

hey friend,

i’m happy to connect with you again here on this forum. thank you for your honesty and vulnerability with this situation as you open up to your friends here in the HS community. from what you shared, it doesn’t sound like you acted upon these urges and for that i’m grateful. taking medications that are not prescribed to you can cause more harm than any good that the high you can get off of them. hypothetically, if you ever did act upon this urge, please promise me you’d contact 911 immediately.

while i can’t answer why these urges are happening, i can guess that you’re looking for a different feeling to experience. is there a stressful situation you’re going through currently that maybe we can all talk through so we can take care of these urges before you get hurt? you know your entire heartsupport community is always behind you, loving and supporting you every step of the way. if you need coping mechanisms, i’m happy to discuss some with you always! i just want you to be safe, protected, and not take pills that you aren’t prescribed. please take care of your wonderful life, my friend, and please reach out if there’s anything i can help you with to avoid this urge from happening again.

sending love and peace your way, story, thank you for being here and trusting all of us to support you.


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From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend Thank you for your post, I am so pleased that it seems you decided not to take the meds even though you were tempted to. I am sorry however that you were feeling rough, I do understand when you are feeling bad how easy it is to just want “anything” to make you feel better. I am a migraine sufferer and sometimes they can go on for days and one time I was desperate for something to help me so I took some strong pain killers from a friend and they made me really unwell and I ended up at the doctors, its really not worth it, there is a reason meds are prescribed for different people and not for others and also the person who the meds belong to can get into trouble for allowing you to have the meds so those are all the things we need to think about before making those choices but mainly our own health. You may just make your situation worth like I did, I really hope you get sorted and I am so glad you made the right choice. good luck friend. Much Love Lisa x


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