Twix's annual(?) progress update

it’s been about 11 months since i last posted an update outside of writing replies to this wonderful community. ever since the marvelous Micro, e.thehuman, and danjo supported me through a really tough time on my last post, i’ve become a support wall action team (swat) leader with the most amazing, compassionate, and hilarious group of people (#swat3forever). i admit that i’ve slipped a couple times into depressive, anxious, or suicidal thought patterns in the past year but quickly picked myself back up because of this community and the lessons i’ve learned here. thank you all for showing me how much strength us humans have to persevere, know our worth, and keep walking forward to a better future.

i feel proud where i’m at in my job (my clients are so nice to me and i’m also taking leaps to learn a brand new program!), i’m happy with the friends i surround myself with, i’m excited to spend time with my family, i empower myself to keep going, and i am so friggin’ overjoyed by the opportunity to be able to spread support every monday night with my sweet swat3. life has truly changed from this time last year and i hope, if you’re reading this, you can know that things can get better. to think… around this time last year, i could have succumbed to some dark thoughts… and i’m sitting here thinking how i’m so thankful i didn’t.

bad times will surely come, hard obstacles to overcome will no doubt be in my path… but i know that if i can overcome all that i have to this point, i can get through anything. i’m about to see one of my best friends (who honestly gives me the most strength to keep going) in 3 weeks to celebrate my bday… i’m just so thankful i stuck around to be able to see her and feel all the emotions life has to offer, good or bad. isn’t that (the good and bad) what makes life interesting tho?

this post was healing to write, like i’m about to cry? but i just want you, the one reading this, to know that things do get better. sure, things will happen that will make you go, “twix, things suck right now,” but it’s the people and the little things that will keep you going, to see those bright spots. you can get through anything, especially after everything you’ve previously conquered in your life. i’m so proud of this community, and to be a part of it and to lead swat3.

so that’s my yearly(?) forum post on how things are going. and to all that have helped me in the HS community get here (especially my whole swat3 + micro + danjo), thank you for giving me the hope and courage to still be here. thank you all for the strength and believing in me, i’m excited for a legendary 2022 ahead :slight_smile:

thank you for reading and hey, if you read this, just know i truly believe in you, value you, and care for you. you got this, my friend!

your friend,


Oh Twixy, how lovely!
I’m so glad you’re here with us friend, and I’m grateful to everyone who helped you through those harder times. Youre such a force for good here, I’m glad to know you and call you a friend! Love this post so much!! confetti canon


@Sita my friend, thank you for the kind words, i am so happy to know you and be friends as well! through all our shared communities, you are the light at the end of the tunnel for so many, and i am so dang thankful for you. please promise me you’ll never forget the amount of hope, love, and joy you bring so many of us in this HS community and beyond. and heck yeah, burst that confetti cannon!!! let’s party it UP!!


Inspiring words. :rose: I’m grateful as well that you didn’t succumb and that the awesome people of this community were here for you. They are all wonderful aren’t they? Much love! :hrtlegolove:


@Mystrose rosieeee :rose: thank you for being a part of how i kept on moving forward. your story, your hope, and your strength gives so many the power to take their own path with power. i’ll probs repeat this to you at our next swat call but truly, thank you for everything you’ve done for this community, our friends, and for me. love you mucho, rosie, wishing you an awesome weekend ahead :hrtlegolove:


Goodness, @twixremix. 11 months.

So much love. So much care. So much energy. So much LIFE that never cease to come from you.

You are a very special ray of sunlight in this community, and in my life personally. I love seeing you around. I love seeing your name on stream. It’s been a constant joy to work by your side as a SWAT Leader, and to share life with you as a friend. This community is what it is today thanks to you and all the people you have helped to feel safe. Your heart is big. Your impact is giant.

I love and admire what you do, but I love you for who you are. I love your energy, your creativity, your sense of humor, your honesty. So many wonderful koalities. ba dum tss

I respect you so much.

It would have been a pure injustice for this world to not celebrate the next birthday with you, and all the other ones to come. This is a strength that has always been a part of you. It is beautiful to see you embracing it fully - and thoughtfully. Yes, rough times will keep happening as life is just made of so many different seasons. But you know now. You know that there is more to it, even when it seems impossible to see any other way around. You know that you’re not alone, and you definitely have a family right here that is not going to give up on you. You’re stuck with us, damn!

Thank you for being such a pillar of support to so many, and an inspiration to me personally.

Love you, Koala pal. I can’t wait to see the next chapters of your life unfolding.
:koala: :hrtlegolove:

PS - innocent question - Would you allow me to draw something for you and to send it to you? If yes, you know where my DMs are. :hrtjakelul:


For once I’m at a bit of a loss for words! I know you can’t possibly believe that and yeah I guess it’s not true really, the real problem here is knowing how to say what I would like to say and be able to get it over to you with the amount of meaning that comes with it. (Hope that makes sense) first of all with everything you have said regarding your own personal growth this last year? I am so very proud of you and my goodness @Micro is right I cannot imagine a bigger injustice than not having twix here, you are a necessity and a gift in one box of loveliness.
You personally have helped to greatly change my life this year, you started as my mentor and quickly became my friend, I look up to you so much, you brought me out of my shell ( haha you unleashed a monster of course you poor thing) but this monster absolutely adores you and everything about you. You are one of the sweetest, kindest most genuine people I have ever met, love and sweetness seeps from your veins and you have a wicked sense of humour with it. Lol
Twix be proud of your progress as we are and may you just keep moving on up, never stop being you and from me thank you, thank you for every single thing you have done to help and support me and everyone at heat support.
Last but certainly not least thank you for being my friend.
Much love
Lisa. Xx :heart:


MICROOOOO :blue_heart: gosh…. where do i even start to say how much of an impact you’ve made on my life and how this kind message made me smile. and all the koala puns get infinite claps from me! thank you though, micro, for picking me up last year when i was convinced my time was up. sincerely, you are saving lives like mine through all your hard work here, don’t you dare forget it because i sure as hell won’t!

so happy to be a part of this HS fam and to know you, truly the greatest gift of 2021 and beyond!

sending all my love and good vibes your way, my koala pal, hope your week ahead is absolutely legendary :’) and thank you again for everything

p.s. only if i can draw something for u too! >:] hehe


LISA!!! the legend, my dear friend, and my fave “unleashed monster” of kindness and tough love. good lord, if i had done what i thought i would do a year ago, i wouldn’t have been able to chat and laugh with you. at the time of those suicidal thoughts, i thought everything was coming to a close but it was just beginning and now look at us! knowing that things constantly change and how new incredible people enter our lives like you is what i wish i could tell myself last year. glad i stuck around though to be able to be inspired by you, to laugh so hard i literally can’t stop (like last friday), and to just know you. thank you for being in my life, lisa, and giving me the strength and hope for a better tomorrow.

i’m so fuc- can i cuss here uh i’m so friggin’ proud of you, the progress you’ve made, the lives you’ve supported and saved, and the friendship you give all your HS fam and me. i love and care for you so dang much, thank you for everything, lisaaaaa!!!


p.s. only if i can draw something for u too! >:] hehe :koala:


Dearest @twixremix

I haven’t known you for very long, but I can already count you as my friend. I really cherish the time we have all spent in SWAT meetings. Getting to know you through the meetings as well as the caring, compassionate replies you provide to others on the wall here.

I think your update is a shining example of taking this horrible moment in your life and pivoting into this amazing work and help to others. I have been inspired, and continue to be, by your leadership.

You are a treasure to this community and the people here have been impacted in so many ways just by your presence.

Thank you for being you, always, with hearts <3 Mish


ladywho my friend…. you’re gonna make me cry up in here, thank you so so so much for these kind words :blue_heart: you’ve been such an impactful, loving, funny, and caring friend and member of swat where this post definitely had you in mind for how much you’ve helped change my life and so many others in the past year. like the laughs, life experiences, advice, and just random convos we share is a true treasure and i wouldn’t trade it for all the banana pancakes in the world (gonna make those tomorrow for dinner after u hyped them up shhhh). thank you for being in my life and brightening mondays up with that sunflower icon hehe

lookin’ forward to the year ahead and to be able to work by your side to spread support to this community!! :hrtlegolove:


Clearly, you are one of the most supporting Hearts of Heart Support. We haven’t talked much, but I feel a strong and growing connection in spirit. Thank you for the love that you share!


wings!! thank you for sharing this kind message :blue_heart: it’s an honor to work alongside you in spreading love and support here and i loved being able to chat with you on discord last year :’) you’re a true gift and i appreciate and admire you so much! wishing you an awesome week ahead :hrtlegolove: