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Two years being around HeartSupport

On stream the other day I subscribed for 24 months, I don’t know the exact date I found hs but I subscribe right away. When I first found hs I was in a really dark place like thinking of suscide every single night. The last time I used drugs back in July of 17 I begged God not to let me wake up, that was my rock bottom and I did not want to live like that anymore. Over the past two years I have gotten a ton of help. I will be two years clean from drugs come July. I have my depression and anxiety mostly under control. I actually have friends now and some of my best friends I have made here at HS. Without HS i wouldn’t be here today living a life I have only wished and dreamed for. Yeah I’m not where I expected to be in life at this point but that’s okay I’m getting where I want to be and getting better every day. Thanks to everyone here I couldn’t make it without you all much love!



Evan i can’t express how much your story inspires me in my own life and how powerful it is to share this to the community. Just as much people need encouragement they also need this kind of inspiration.we all need a person who has walk a mile or more in our shoes to say, “we can make it and its better on the other side”. You will still have struggles, but i hope, pray and encourage you to know that mistakes don’t change the progress you have made or the value you have as a human. I hope to see continued growth and prosperity in you life, thank you so much for you words today.

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We don’t talk that often,(we should more though!) but I am so thankful to know you! I am so proud of the progress you have made and that you’re a part of HeartSupport. You are so many important to this organization, and to so many people in HS. Our community would be so lacking without you in it. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you at the gala, I wish we had gotten more time to spend together, I was being pulled in a million directions. You are truly so inspiring and such a wonderful, shinning example overcoming whatever life throws at you.
I am really so thankful to call you my friend
Hold fast, much love,

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It’s so amazing to hear the turn around! That’s great, friend! I’m proud of you! Congrats on your time sober and clean and for finding the strength to do that. You are a continued light around this community and I appreciate you.

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You’re welcome, my friend. I wish I can talk to you more. If you need anything, you can message me on Discord or Messenger. Thank you for being an amazing person and you are important to this community. God bless you.

Love you friend i am glad you are suceeding at life thanks for posting!

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