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Idk what this website is about I stumbled across it on a twitch stream. Anyways, maybe someone out there can help me. My story is long and I’ll keep it as brief as possible. My parents suck(others tell me idk their the only ones I got), I have a girlfriend who really loves me, and most of my friends hate me. My girlfriend is the highlight of my life, but we go to different schools and it’s rough, but we sometimes get to hang out on the weekends, when my parents aren’t being over protective. I’m diagnosed with major depressive disorder and I’m pretty sure I’m schizophrenic but haven’t been diagnosed with it. I go to a therapist, but every time I’m there I lie through my teeth. I hate my self and that leads to self destructive behavior. This in turn hurts my girlfriend who I don’t want to hurt. I just don’t know what to do anymore. If anyone out there is listening, this is my cry for help. Thanks -b


Welcome to this community. Sadly I am not a expert or anything. But of what I learn is that you have to love yourself more, it isnt easy but when someone love himself everything start to going well, start thinking on the thing that you are good at or the thing you have done well.
You say that your friends hate you,maybe you should talk with them, I dont know what happened between you and your friends but “hate” is a strong word. Maybe they are angry but that doesnt mean that they hate you. Try to talk to them,because at the end of the day problem need to be talked because is the only way that the problem can be resolved. And if thing doesnt end well, there are so many people out there that are waiting for you and will care about you.

At last, you should talk with your parents too, because ar the end of the day being a overprotective parents doesnt do anything good to you.

I hope thing will get better for you​:raised_hands: take care :heart:


Thanks for sharing and reaching out on here. I don’t know what your motivation is for lying to your therapist as you mentioned but I think that it would be helpful to be open and honest in that setting. If you aren’t honest about what is troubling you, what your behavior is, what thoughts you have, or why you hate yourself then it will make it much harder to work through those things. It’s a lot easier said than done, I know. But I encourage you to use that space to let some of that out. It may feel like you will never be able to experience relief, but there are ways to help and experience healing.


Welcome friend! I’m so glad you’re here and so bravely shared what you are going through. And wow it sounds like there is a lot going on right now. I’m sure it feels like the weight of your diagnoses, bad friends and protective parents feels crushing.

You said that you don’t know what to do, but I’m proud of you for doing SOMETHING by reaching out here. That’s a step. I encourage you to keep talking about your feelings and to keep asking for help. It sounds like you have a therapist, but you don’t feel comfortable telling that person how you are really feeling. I’m wondering if you could try to either be honest with them or find a therapist that you can be honest with.

I’m so glad that you have at least one person, your girlfriend, that you can lean on. I encourage you to try to create more community that will support you (this is a great place you can do that! definitely check out our twitch stream you can meet tons of new supportive friends there ) Another way to find community might be through a church group, or after school activity.

Keep trying to heal. Keep looking for people who will love you the way you deserve to be loved.



Everyone is giving you encouragement and love. That is something to be grateful. You will get better. We believe in you.

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