Unfortunately my mom was never even addicted to an

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Unfortunately my mom was never even addicted to anything. She was just a shit mom. I can forgive someone who has an addiction, I still find it difficult to forgive the ones who hurt me intentionally. Crazy how much I can relate to all this music, and I don’t think that’s a good thing…


Thank you so much for opening up, and I’m so sorry that you’ve had to deal with a terrible mother. You must feel utterly betrayed having a mother who is supposed to be there for you, nurture you, help you grow, and comfort you, that does not do any of that. She wasn’t fostering your success, she was something you had to succeed in spite of. I’m sure her words still hurt and her actions still sting even now. A mother intentionally hurting their child is inexcusable, and I’m so sorry that you can relate to this song.

Though the pain derived from your mother still remains, I am glad that you have found solace in music. Music has so much power and it can help mend our wounds. Though it’s not a good thing that you’ve had similar experiences to NF, it is good that you can find comfort in knowing you are not alone through music. By sharing what we feel, we grow closer as humans and become stronger, because it is human nature to rely on each other. I’m so glad you’ve found the ability to relate your struggles to music, and I am so glad that you feel comfortable enough to open up to us on this platform. No matter how terrible your mother was, that does not change how amazing you are. Her words may cut, but you can form scar tissue and learn every way how to not become her as you age. You can be everything she couldn’t be for all of the people around you, inspiring positive change in the lives of those you love and care about.

Hey there, thanks so much for writing in…suffering without explanation is really hard to grapple with. I recorded a video reply to your comment here: Video reply: Unfortunately my mom was never even addicted | Loom

-nate, heartsupport staff