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Unsupportive parents

I’m transgender but my parents won’t let me transition and I wanna stream as my true self but I live under their roof I have thought about making a hideout in order to stream unless anyone has a better idea?

Picture for attention ngl


There is no way you can make people understand…what you can do is try and help them along the way…the most important thing you can do is learn to love yourself…I know it’s tough but you dont have much control what other people think…learning to love yourself is the path to happiness…you cannot change who you are nor do u need to!!


Hello @Alice and welcome to the community! I am sorry to hear about the struggle with your parents. But it’s great that you’ve chosen to reach out here. Please feel free to message me or respond if you ever need support.

And thanks for sharing the pic. You are so beautiful!
Sending well wishes

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