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I’ve had so many small interactions with my brother that make me just not wanna talk to him about nothing and just want my disability to come in cuz I just can’t I try talking to a friend about something with my brother In the room and he gives me shit for it I put up with his hateful comedians I put up with him watching people get hurt and laughing I put with him mis gendering me and I just I don’t fucking care anymore I thought he’d be different from my mom but I’m clearly wrong


Hi Derpplup
Sometimes the people closest to us can hurt us the most. I am sorry that your brother acts this way towards you. He is truly being hurtful and disrespectful towards you which is really shameful. He should be the one being supportive and making you feel at home but instead he chooses to be a huge asshole instead. Remember Derpplup that you are always welcomed here to share whatever bothers you. We will be there to listen and support you. Please try to take care of yourself so you feel better and try to ignore your rude brother as much as possible. :wink:


From: eloquentpetrichor

Hello, derpplup! I’m sorry your brother isn’t supporting you and making you feel bad. Family is so much more than blood and I hope you get out of the house soon so that you can find people who you can love and trust and who support and love you in turn. Find a real family. Hang in there and keep fighting for a better life away from your mom and brother. You deserve to find something so much better than them. Stay strong and keep fighting :hrtlegolove:


From: twixremix

hey derp! thank you for being open about how your brother is mistreating you. it’s not fair and it’s incredibly hard to live in the same house and are in the same family with someone that upsets you. my hope is that your brother learns to love rather than partake in this harmful, disrespectful content that only pushes him farther away from you. would another family member be able to step in and support you in telling your brother to, at the very least, not give you shit or disrespect you. you deserve a healthy environment to live and grow in, please never forget that. sending you a bunch of comfort and love, my friend, i hope this storm soon passes in your brother’s heart. love, twix


From: listening2day

Hi friend, I want you to know that we care. We are here for you always.


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hey Friend, This all sounds much to much for you to deal with and im so sorry, I know we have spoken before about how you and your brother do not get along and I hate the fact that you get treated so poorly because you are not accepted for who you are, it saddens me so much. I too look forward to the day that you get your disability and can get your own place so you can move on with your life, life how you choose and be happy because that my friend is exactly what you deserve and what I choose for you too. in the mean time take care of yourself. much love Lisa x



Hi Derpplup I’m so sorry you’re having to wait so long for your disability. its so frustrating, I know. Hopefully it will come very soon and you will be able to find some peace. Hang in there, you go this! ~Mystrose


Hey @Derpplup,

I’m sorry that your brother seems to be so inconsiderate regarding your disability and your gender. It is one thing when someone makes mistakes and is simply ignorant, but it’s definitely another thing when things are said on purpose, with the intention to hurt. It should be so different, especially in a family.

Please know that you also have a family right here in this community. Having struggles with my biological family, I have found in here a chosen one, a family that matches so much more my personal definition of family. I hope this can be the same for you. I’m glad you are here, and I’m grateful for you, for being just as you are and for your renewed vulnerability.

You are loved. :hrtlegolove:

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