Update on my chosen family

My bsf who is like a brother i decided if he does run away and is serious abt it once i move out and have some money i will be 18 i may help him i think if i make his parents aware he is with me and safe and im looking after him that could work. With valintine there is no telling tho. Ima just hope for the best and play it by ear.


I hope you & him stay safe. Please be careful about riding with or staying with strangers and such. Keep us updated on the situation <3 he shouldnt run away unless he absolutely needs to but im glad you can help support him!

Dont worry if he runs away i will make him check in weekly a certain day and he will be very aware i will contact his dad if i dont hear from him. He is street smart so i trust he knows what he is doing. If he runs away it will be a huge trust thing he wont want me telling his dad where he is. I may try to gey him to tell me that way his dad knows that im aware if he is safe or not. I think i have earned his parents trust enough. Thank you i will keep everyone updated.

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