Update on my situation

Ever since my discussion a bit ago things have been steadily getting better, and I don’t know if I can credit that to time or acceptance that I can’t change anything. In case you need a refresher on my situation here is the link to my old post :slight_smile: (https://heartsupport.com/forums/topic/i-was-taken-advantage-of-and-i-refuse-to-confront-it/) Regardless of whatever is the cause I am beginning to just feel, okay-ish again. I never had the courage or resources to act on any advice given to me other than changing up my own personal mindset on the situation. I feel like, just maybe, that I can be ok again. Not now or not even soon, but eventually. I really hope so, because I don’t know if I can carry on if not. I started to drink again, every now and then. I was scared that it would bring back bad memories but no. I’ll try my best to get into the next stream, life has just been chaotic, but I wanna be there for everyone I can just as you guys were there for me. I know how much that can change someone’s entire life. Love you, all. ~~Justice

(after note: all that is said in this post is in no way bragging or boasting, it’s just pure facts on what I have been up to.)


@ItsJJustice hey friend thanks for the update. I wasn’t around when your original post was made however reading it back - I’m so sorry you were put through that and I’m so glad you’re now doing okay and getting better… WELCOME BACK. As for the drinking - I would STRONGLY advise that you don’t touch the stuff… As an addict myself, I know the effects that just one drink/pill can have and it’s not worth it. I’m still early on in my recovery and spend hours fighting with the people supporting me to just let me take that 1 pill but they constantly remind me “one is too many and a thousand never enough” << that is true for ALL addictions and I really don’t want you falling into that trap again. If you decide that you want to keep drinking socially - I’m not going to try and make you change your mind but please please be careful. You can get through this, you can carry on. You’re already making great progress and you can keep building. We got you!

Hold Fast

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Hey Justice,
Thank you for updating us! I’m glad you’ve changed how you are looking at things and thats helped you start down the road of recovery. Know that we will be behind you on this! We love you.

Be careful drinking. Try not to fall into excessive drinking. It is okay to socially drink (as long as you’re of age wherever you are) but drinking too much is very bad for you. Please be careful.

Love you friend. Proud of you! I hope you continue to get better and learn what recovery is. Hold fast.

With love and hugs,
Bethy - Team Out of the Ashes


Hey @ItsJJustice,

I’m glad to hear you’re doing a little better! It seems that things are just beginning to look up, and I’m so excited to hear about what the future has in store for you. Regarding you picking up alcohol - I would suggest drinking in moderation (or not at all); just make sure you aren’t using it as a mechanism to cope with the pain. Please keep us updated! :slight_smile:


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