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Update on surgery and things


So my meds are making me sick and my mom still wont understand but thankyou for everybody who replied on my last post. I guess ive been hanging on because she was all i had. My best friend/ first ex is helping me with being sick shes actually been making me smile and feel safe. Last night i coughed up some blood but the hospital said ill be fine its normal as long as its not more than a tablespoon (got my tonsils removed). I feel so bad though because she stayed up till like 3 am almost on a school night with me to make sure im ok. I really enjoy her company. My service cat also helped too(yes those are real he was prescribed for my anxiety to help) so thats been the night i had. I was up till 3 am sick and i slept till 8 am so i don’t really have much sleep ig. But its ok because i cant wait for her to text me more. Also ive been planning out my Halloween costume. Im going as a skellington if i feel any better by then. Thanks to everyone again ill update again soon. ~Samuel


Great you’re feeling better! Have a great day!


Thanks for the update Sam! lol rock that Jack Skellington costume tho! Still gonna keep you in my prayers friend :slight_smile: