Update on the abuse and everything

@HS_John (I’m so sorry) so I finally told my therapist about the abuse and I have not told anyone about the sexual abuse and I came up with new copping skills altho my mother went on my posts and found my phone that did not work good for me as she was yelling at me I had to come up with a story and everything when she found the post I made about me being sexually abused I lied and said it was fake cus I don’t want anyone knowing about it and thats it hopefully she dosent find this


Hi Jay,
Just wanted to say I’d glad you’ve found some new coping skills, that are working for you. I completely understand why you don’t want people knowing about the sexual abuse, but it’s very important that you work though that experience with someone, a therapist would be good. I also know that healing is a process, and it’s important to honor the process with some self compassion. You are not what happened to you. Peace.


while i don’t know the whole story, jay, i do hope that you are able to feel safe speaking about your sexual abuse openly and honestly, especially with your own mother. i’m happy to hear your therapist is working with you on finding peace as well as developing new coping methods.

sending a ton of love and comfort your way, my friend

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Hey @Jay ,

I’m really sorry that your mom reacted that way. You are not wrong for reaching out and sharing your story, friend. I hope you know that. None of what happened was your fault, and sharing your voice is part of healing.

In order to feel a little safer while posting here on the Support Wall, I’d recommend you to use your browser on private mode. That way, there won’t be any history on your phone and once you turn off your phone then the page should be closed. The only disadvantage is that you’d have to reconnect everytime you open the website, but it’s a minor trouble compared to the need for safe places.

If eventually you need a moderator to unlist your previous posts (so they won’t be visible) or to change your nickname, please don’t hesitate to let a mod know, and we’ll take care of it.

You’re not alone. There are ways to keep this place safe for you.

I’m so very proud of you for reaching out, for talking to your therapist as well. Maybe it’s a little too hard to talk to them about the sexual abuse, but that’s okay. Do things on your own time. Just keep it as some kind of goal to aim for, even if it’s not for now. As our friends said here, it’s important to have someone by your side who can help you work through what happened.

I’m grateful that you are here. Keep us updated, friend.

Hey Jay,

I’m sorry that you’re having to be a little covert on posts here and things like that. Posting here is a safe place, and we’ll keep it that way for you the best we can.

What did you therapist have to say about the abuse? I would hope that communicating that would beget some taking action on their part.

Let us know - we’re here.

  • John

Nothing happened I told the therapist 2 weeks ago and cps did nothing I’m still in the house nothing is happening its useless

Hey Jay,

I’d like to keep sticking on this as it sounds like you may be in some trouble here. Would you mind telling us what you said to your therapist? If you are uncomfortable posting here, you can email me at [email protected]. If you’re not safe where you’re at, we need to help you get to some different resources than the support wall.

That said we are all here for you and ready to listen and help.

  • John

Ok I sent it to you on my Gmail it says Mel I’m sorry it took so long ( I put what my therapist said)


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