Update on the Oldest

The bugs has been having ups and downs. Currently her father and I decided that some time with his parents would be a good thing, so she’s with them for a week. They’re on board with helping her through this and we’re all just trying to keep her reminded that she is loved.

Her biological mom isn’t making this easy. She’s being very hot and cold, some days she calls and tells the bugs that the bugs can call her anytime. Sometimes the bugs calls and is sent straight to voicemail. Right now, despite our best judgment, her biological mom is promising to pick up the bugs next weekend. If she doesn’t fall through another promise she’ll be taking the bugs across the country… after she’s told the bugs a final goodbye.

I wish she would either stay or go. She’s been doing this all of the bugs life and all can see is all our work being undone and the bugs falling apart again.

Bugs has been having issues with her father and I divorcing and me moving out of her father’s apartment. Even though I’m doing everything I possibly can to be at his place every morning before she and her sister wake up, both of my children are distraught by me being away, even if it’s just nights. (On the flip side they are also really excited that my office is freeing up so they both can have their own room.)

I am trying my hardest to make sure she’s got the best shot, and I hope its enough, because this is hard.

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Hey @Phunockery - Thank you for the update. Stay strong. We’re here for you if you need us. Keep pushing. You rock!