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Ups with some downs

Lately I feel a little more on top of things. Its hard to up keep with therapy when you feel good. It feels like you don’t need it anymore. I struggle the most with anxiety and cut for the first time in awhile. It’s like your mind is rushing so fast that it blacks out and you just automatically grab the scissors and slice.

I finally got a job. It’s been nice to have a routine again. The biggest fear I have is losing control of my emotions and walking out. Ive done that with a bunch of jobs within the last year.


Well done for your ups. You’re rocking it. You’re right about struggling to keep up with positive habits when you feel good. They can feel pointless and we have more fun ways to spend our time, right? Making those things part of your routine is important, but I struggle with it too. Your conscious brain needs to take control of your coping mechanisms because your subconscious, like mine, can’t keep you safe all of the time.

Take the good: you got a job, you’re in a routine again, you’re feeling more on top of things. Take time to be proud of that.

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