Upset and alone

I went to two different schools, and got picked on, and made fun of.I have spcial needs. I went to the second school, and felt like I didn’t fit in wasn’t cool, wasn’t popular, didn’t make a lot of friends. I graduated school with a ged, and got a job at 21. I did do good at the job, I got 6 increases, and started going to concerts, and couple of comic cons, went to football games, and going to bars with friends. when I was 28, we ending up moving, and I decided to quit my job (even though I didn’t need to.) I felt upset, and dissapointed thinking I did a lot like going to 22 concerts at the time, going to football games with my dad,going to comic cons, and going to bars with my friends. I ended up getting a new job, but it didn’t feel like I was enjoying it. I felt like it was slow, and it didn’t fullfil me like it did before. I did go to a few more concerts as well. I see most of my friends getting married, and having kids, and I felt like I was just getting by and just felt like I was somewhat happy at the time, because I was doing good at the time. I also still live with my mom’s house, and has been since I was 20 years old. I’m 30 years old now. I feel like my life is going slow, and is not going to get any better then it was before. I’m happier now, that I started going to concerts, and to comic cons, and go to bars with friends when ever I can, and going to football games with my dad, more then I would be, if I didn’t do those things sooner. I also, see my friends having 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900 ,1000, 2000, friends on facebook, and I have 298 friends. Also, most of my friends went to college, and I didn’t, because I have a G.E.D. so, I felt like I had to work harder, and more to get to do more things in life, then what my friends where doing in college.


Hi @badreligionmike!

It sounds like you’re a really dedicated and loyal person hearing how you did so great at your previous job, that’s something to take great pride in since it’s a scarce commodity these days!

From what I can tell from your post, what you’re experiencing is mainly just how things are starting to feel and change after getting closer to 30 than 20. Other things start to matter a bit more and things that used to be the fuel of ones life switches to become … a red bull haha.

With that said you seem to still be very active, outgoing and doing stuff which is great! I think that most people reach a point or period in their lives when they feel like they are not progressing as much as before, and that’s perfectly normal. So is being 30 and not being married/having kids yet, there are so many years left ahead of you to get into family life if that’s what you want. No need to feel stressed about it, once there I guarantee you instead will be looking back at this period as being free and able to do whatever you feel like.

If I understand you correctly the main thing here is that you see friends getting married or see friends having for example lot’s of contacts on Facebook and that is putting you down. Regarding the Facebook stuff, it’s nothing else than numbers on a screen and doesn’t mean anything. The reality of those “friends” are probably more people having other people as contacts “just because”, and not an indicator of how many good friends and real friends someone has. It’s very hard to do, I know, but an exercise to do would be to perhaps try to stop looking at your friends friendslists, perhaps even tone down the usage of social media such as Facebook. It’s been proven in multiple studies that social media plays a big role in our mental well being, since we are all prone to comparing ourselves with others. Slowly cutting away that part that always shows you people trying to paint a perfect picture of their lives is a good first step at comparing yourself less to others and focus on the only important person in your world, you.

Regarding college, I’m not familiar with GED but I think I kind of know what it is. Good job! You despite having a very hard childhood finished your GED, got a job, been working hard and as far as I can tell are rocking it! You pulled yourself up from a very hard situation, didn’t let it define you in the end and are now exploring things you like and have hobbies, you’ve got your stuff together!
And all of this without having the burden of student loan debt hanging over you for 10, 20 or 30 years. Getting a college degree today is not the same as it was 50 years ago and yet again, that does not define you, it’s only a piece of paper at the end of the day telling someone at HR that yes, yes I can learn things. There are ways to prove this without any degree whatsover (I run a company and a degree is never the primary factor when employing someone).

You sound like an awesome dude and if you can, try to compare yourself less with others and continue doing you, because he sounds great!

Take care!


I don’t think I had a hard child hood. My parents were both married untill I was 12 an we lived in a township suburban area of Michigan so I don’t think it was to hard I was happy at school and had good teachers there.It was just in middle school and high school I would get picked on and made fun of cause I looked different then the rest of the kids there. THey would wear american eagle and aeropastle shirts there. and at the next school I went to it was mostly hollister. I would just wear black skate shirts or joke shirts or football shirts. and I would wear black hoodies as well.