Urge of wanting to run away

I keep getting the urge to just say fuck it and run away from home. Just far, far away. It was so bad today, I actually had go go outside for a while and hang around my safe place. I don’t recall anything bad happening today. My mom was literally just existing and it made me uncomfortable. So I am kind of happy I’ll get the opportunity to leave my home for a constant while hopefully soon. It’s pretty much official that I’ll go into temporary stay in a clinic or something.

But at the same time I can’t wrap my mind around the necessity of it. I know I need help, but I can never see the importance of my problems, in a way. I constantly feel like I’m overreacting or being dramatic, which is why I tend to brush it off as not “that bad” or “just a bad day” in front of other people.

Hope this makes any sense lmao


i get it i want to run away at times andi have thought of going to a health facility but to scared or thinking my problems are to small but trauma and angry thoughts are like never to small if you really feel terrible at times dont question yourself who cares if its only at times and its okay your not going to hurt anyone else by helping yourself.

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This makes perfect sense to me.

That is sensical actually, is sounds like the type of situation that causes me to get stressed and attack something alive, usually myslef. Thankfully it sounds like your stress isn’t causeing you to attach your self.

How can you stay in a clinic? Your family would actually let you do that? That sounds good if I’m thinking correctly

It’s more of a “I don’t have much of a choice anyways”
We got the option from a psychiatrist and my parents have been pestering me to decide if I go or not, seeing how it’s kinda the only thing that could potentially help me.

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Yeah I feel like that, most of the time with my abusive parents.

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