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Varghon Fan #1

My life sucks. I’m stuck and there’s no way out of this situation. I’m afraid it might last my whole life.


From: ladytapioca

Hey Friend. I know you feel stuck right now and you may never escape but if you are able to stand up and you can grow out of the dirt and be able to flourish and bloom and become stronger. I believe in you friend, Hold fast.

I understand that feeling and really felt hopeless for so long. I existed and it was hard but I got past that time. It seemed impossible, no way to escape but then one day I did. Somehow it fell into place and I got free. Now I live a life which makes me smile every single day.
I never thought I could ever make it there but I swear you can do it! It won’t last your whole life, you will look back someday and see just how fast things moved. At the time though it is hour by hour, day by day and it seems so long. Someday that will be a memory and you will be experiencing happiness and a healthy life! xx

From: hyrulegaminggroup

In my darkest of days, I try to drift towards my tools. Specific music, or video games. It might feel like a crutch, but sometimes we all need a little help to continue moving forward. <3