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I feel hopelessly stuck in my current life situation. I try and try but nothing changes… it’s rejection all the same. I don’t see a way out.

Feeling stuck and hopeless is very hard, and I know sometimes it feels like we’re going to be in this situation forever; but that’s not how life works. Things will change and it will get better, you are loved completely and instantaneously and I’m sorry for whoever has rejected you. Nobody will reject you here, friend.

Hang in there.

Everyone can feel hopelessly stuck… try changing your routine by doing something completely different to break up the monotony of every day life (I color, paint, or listen to soothing music). When facing rejection, remember the hard part is over. You had to have the guts to try in order to be rejected, which means your strong! Persistence pays off so keep trying. Remember you are loved and you matter!

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