Wage War_fan 180

Last week I felt hopeless when I couldn’t get myself to go to work, because I just didn’t want to get out from under my depression

Thank you for sharing and I’m sorry that you feel that way. I’ve been there and it is such an overwhelming feeling. Some days you need rest and space the most and that’s okay. You are not the only one who has had to take a mental health day and needing that day doesn’t mean that your situation is hopeless. Depression is a nasty beast but you are strong for keeping the fight. Even the strongest warriors need rest. We are here for you through this time and ready to listen or share resources

Its alright. We have bad days, and we have to take time for ourselves. It’s alright. You can’t expect yourself to function like a machine. If you feel hopeless, it means you haven’t given up yet. You’re trying. It doesn’t always mean you’re successful. Depression is a war inside, much harder than a lot of people realize. What’s important is you taking the time for yourself, because you deserve it.