Waiting for WW3

Well we living pretty scary time, trying to relax while my parent are blasting the news down and just try watch Seinfeld before the world ends.

I feel bad for people of Ukraine, it fuck that Putin is starting a war over nothing. For fact that this asshole is literally not own killing people in Ukraine and even sacrificing his own people too. But the fact this literally start a nuclear war. Like what the fuck are you doing. Unless he is a sociopath and has under bunker.

I’m feeling really tense right now, cuase the media is just take advantage of this situation. Saying all crazy just get people more anger. Even listen my parent political bais really fueling my anger right now.

I wish move out, cuase my dad is such know it all. And my mom is just as bad. They both close mind and they afraid of different that not white or Christian. They don’t hate other people, but they do have a bais. Again they not bad people, but they don’t want to think outside the box.

My heart go out to people of Ukraine, and also who people of Russia that did not ask for this. It fucking bullshit, cuase this over powertrip by a fucking dictator. I may not religious, but if fucking that Putin riots in hell for what he done.


When I was little, we worried about the Soviets then, especially when they sent the nuclear missiles to Cuba. When I asked other kids how they felt about it, the consensus was, "there ain’t nuthin’ we can do about it, so we might as well have fun while we can.

As adults, we’re more aware of the suffering involved. Yet, we still don’t have a lot of control over the situation. We can’t offer advice that’s better than the experts involved. I think the best thing we can do is be there for those we love.

Hopefully the concept of “mutually assured destruction” will remain an adequate deterrent to nuclear war.

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It’s okay to feel anxious, upset, angry or even feeling like grieving during these troubled times. I am myself struggling with FOMO and high anxiety tied to the situation itself. I didn’t expect to feel that level of uncontrolled stress since the lockdowns. I’m fighting a freeze type of reaction.

There is only so much we can do at a large scale, however we have control over our news consumption and our ability to take care of ourselves. It’s okay to not stay updated from time to time, disconnect and focus on things that bring a sense of grounding. It wouldn’t make you selfish or less empathic. For some people it also helps to show their support, do a fundraising, etc. - practical actions to help.

I feel and weep for the people at war today and hope with all my heart for this madness to stop.

Take care of yourselves, friends, no matter where you are geographically. You are loved so very much.

PS - Let’s make sure to keep this topic free from any political debate too.

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Thank you for sharing your fears and giving others a platform to share about their thoughts and emotions regarding the situation in Ukraine. It is absolutely heartbreaking to see so much terror and destruction. So many more people will lose their homes, will die, will be left heavily traumatized. Today I heard about someone who didn’t make it to safety via a social media platform. It is devastating to learn about individual stories. As a European citizen and thus facing a geographical proximity to the war zone I am scared, too, especially since it is uncertain whether NATO countries will be touched. It is clear what consequences this would have. For the time being, I try to stay away from social media and news. Worrying doesn’t help anyone. Right now, I am safe and I am deeply grateful for this because there are many people in this world who aren’t.

I hope you find ways to distract yourself and to stay in the here and now with your thoughts. We don’t know what will happen. All we can do now is to keep the people in the war zone in our prayers.


Hi Metalskater1990,

This may sound weird, but I am so pleased you wrote this here. I have also been experiencing a lot of anxiety and panic attacks recently because of what is happening in Ukraine. I’ve been hiding from the news a lot. In a way, it’s a useless sort of anxiety, because there’s nothing you or I can do about it. Being with your parents who are talking about it all the time must be horrible for you though, and I’m sorry you’re going through that.

The only advice I can give you is to focus on things you do have control over and can change. Maybe that’s trying to change your relationship with your parents or something else entirely. Feeling in-control of smaller things can make the world feel less chaotic and frightening; small bursts of empowerment.

You’re not alone in how you’re feeling friend x


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