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Wall Appreciation post

@Paladin I appreciate you. I appreciate you opening up in your toughest times and being vulnerable because it shows deep down you’re so strong wether you recognise it or not.

@Micro @Lisaw1973 I appreciate you guys, (even if I did only realise the other day you guys were on twitch too :joy:) a lot of the time when I go to comment on stuff I see you guys have just given support, same with @Lizzy


A lotta people helped me like: @Paladin @Micro @Kayleigh.xo @Lisaw1973 @StarFox and finally @twixremix. Thank you all for helping me! HUGE thanks to Paladin, Micro and Kayleigh.xo. They are amazing! And I appreciate them to the max, Especially micro and paladin.


Thank you I was just doing my best to help. I wish you the best of luck.

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I’ve been having a really bad day today, I came on here just to see this. Thank you so much for your mind kind words. You are also someone I really appreciate here on HeartSupport. I was at a loss of words…I still am. Thank you for thinking of me. It means a great deal. :heart:


If your name is here, I think of you very often, and I really really appreciate you.

@SheetMetalHead First, thank you so much for tagging me, it means so much to me. Thank you for always sending me support whether it be from hearts or messages I really appreciate it.

@Wings Thank you for the immense amount of help and support you’ve given me. When I was at my very worst, absolutely no clue what to do with myself, you had a message for me. Thank you so much. You are a huge part in a big decision I made in my life and I cannot thank you enough.

@Micro You are an incredibly admirable person. You have been through so much, and I really admire your strength. Whenever I get a message from you, it feels like a huge incredibly warm reassuring hug. I really thank you for that. Thank you for thinking of me. I think of you, too. Thank you for being a huge support for me at my worst.

@Paladin When I feel like there is no one there, when I feel like deleting my post because I am the most hopeless…I receive a heart from you. Thank you for hearting my posts and comments, they remind me that I’m not alone. Seeing your name always makes me smile. Thank you again.

@twixremix The one who started it all…Once in a blue moon I’d go on Heartsupport without an account. I felt particularly hopeless one day and I figured “Why not try and post?” So I posted. I expected absolutely nothing. I expected nothing or a vague “stay strong” response, that although appreciated, at the time I would have thought they were forced to send something and it wasn’t really to “reach out” to me. Thank you for opening me to this wonderful site, thank you for giving me a shed of hope I really needed. (And thank you for gifting me a sub to my personal twitch account when I reached out to you about my anonymous interaction with you long ago! You made me emotional. Thank you again.)

Thank you to those who sent support through video responses. Esrivs is a name that comes to mind.
The Houston HeartSupport Team told me so many thoughtful and beautiful things about my art that I will never ever forget. Thank you to those wonderful people as well.

I appreciate those of you who’s name I recognize whenever I come onto this site: @crookedt33th , @Zephirah , @Systemofconfusion , and names I cannot remember, but I see your profile icons I wish you’re well.

Take care, all of you. You have immensely changed my life. Thank you and take care :heart:


This :hrtlegolove: :hrtlegolove: :hrtlegolove:


Agreed Lizzy and Itsnotoveryet
@Paladin you help so many people without realizing, even when you don’t say anything ^~^


Thank you I was just trying to make sure everyone felt heard and I didn’t know what to say.


@Paladin Sometimes you don’t have to say anything. Sometimes it’s enough to just be there. 🫂


Sometimes you don’t have to say anything. Sometimes it’s enough to just be there. 🫂

It is exactly for this reason that I would like to give a huge shoutout today to @SageTheSpirit. Whenever you’re around, you always like the new topics and I have no doubt that it helps to make people feel seen and safe until they get responses. It has helped me in the past when I was afraid to post and second-guessing, thinking that it would just be so easy to delete my own post without anyone noticing. Thank you for being supportive the way you do. It means a lot. You are seen and loved. :hrtlegolove:


Micro! You amazing human. Thank you for the kind words, I truly did not expect this. :heart:


this shout out truly started off my week in the best way… thank you for bringing a smile to my face and hope back into my life. i am so thankful we are able to connect and remind each other of how great this world and community is. i appreciate and value you, my friend, and i hope with everything i got that your week ahead is legendary!

tons of love,


you are worth the time investment and just remember someone loves you


I seem to see you everywehre at this point soo… BAM! Get tagged!


i love the love here :slight_smile:

So many wonderful people here, and I truly appreciate those who reach out to support others even while they’re also struggling and need support. You all really are wonderful and kind, and glad to be here growing with you all :smiley:


Um thank you. I’m just trying to help people.



I’m very grateful that you’re on board with us. Thank you for the time, love and care you’ve been sharing around here. I’m looking forward to having the chance to get to know you better in the future. :hrtlegolove:


aww thank you! I’m really happy to be here, and share love and support or at least a listening ear to those who need it! You’ve been an awesome moderator and contributor here @Micro and I too look forward to getting to know everyone better :heart:


I am also very very grateful to you for being here and supporting me, you have been amazing and I cant thank you enough. You are a superstar and I am super proud of everything you do. “throws confettiiiiii”
Lisa :heart:


Just a shoutout to @Lisaw1973 today for leading their first SWAT Team this week and doing it beautifully! Well done friend. Thank you for doing this.

Thank you as well to @disabledmetalfan @twixremix @j71s8 @TheJediAshCash @Dot @Zephirah for stepping in and taking the initiative of leading a group on a regular basis. Not only you’ve been making a difference, but you’re making the forum a more active community with people who feel more and more comfortable in their ability to respond on the different topics. Thank you for caring about people, and thank you for helping community members to have faith in their own ability to support others!