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Want to be gone

Don’t want to try for a future anymore. I just want to end it all now.

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You are not alone. Please don’t do anything drastic. Please know there are so many others out there who are struggling. You are in good company here. What is going on that is making you feel so hopeless?

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I dont know why are you feeling that way, but please keep fighting,you are worth of living :raised_hands:

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I cut yesterday. I ll feel like I’m progressing and then one little thing will set me off and I’m back at square one. I hate how I look right now . I feel so drained. I don’t want to see anyone…I was feeling the opposite at the beginning of the week. I just want to sleep. Nothing has my interest right now. And Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. I know it’s a dumb little day but it’s triggering of the past . I’m numb.

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@Rosethorn hang in there friend. Is there anything you can do that may help? Earlier this week I sat in the bottom of the shower and cried for an awfully long time, but it helped get me through that day. Do you ever do any writing? Or are you in a place where you can sit in the sun for even a little while? I hear you friend. I have started charting my mood levels each day (1 low -10 high) and it’s been helpful b/c when I have a run of days down in the 2 area, I can look back and see that I has couple days that were 8s. Don’t know if anything like that would help you remember days when you aren’t so numb, but maybe give it a try and see?


Hey @Rosethorn, I hope you’re doing okay. Please hang in there. We care about you.

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Hi friend. It’s been 3 days since you made this post and I just wanted to check in with you. See how you were doing. I hope that things are feeling a little better for you. Know that you are loved and valued sweet friend. Be gentle with yourself. I know things can be hard, but you are worth so much. Dont give up hope. We are here.

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I’m still down. I’m really trying to not be. It’s hard to work. I tried to go out in the sun for a bit. But I’m also exploding in frustration in anger back to sadness to numb. I slept a lot the past couple days . I feel a lot of self hate and it’s hard to get through the day without wishing someone would put a bullet through my head. My emotions are everywhere. I’m a mess. And I feel guilt for all of it.


I’m so sorry my sweet friend. Those are some very intense emotions to be battling. I can very much relate. The last few nights my escape from these kinds of feelings has been to drown in Minecraft and just enjoy some good music and creating. It helps me clear my head.

Is there something that you can just lose yourself in, in a healthy way to help clear your head and distract a little bit?

I know that things can feel extremely heavy and just feel like we’re on the edge of breaking. Feeling of hopelessness can be strong and consuming. I get it. But I hope that you are able to find strength to keep fighting. I don’t want you to do that to yourself. That would be absolutely devastating.

We are perfect strangers but I care.

There’s been a lot of moments in my life where I spent a lot of days just sleeping because I so deeply felt like you do now. And you know, it’s okay. If you need to just let yourself sleep and cry for a few days. Just remember to get back up. Because you are worth living and fighting for. We’re here. You’re not alone.

Sending you big hugs sweetheart