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I have an issue with thinking that I’m not worth it, I tend to punish myself by not eating and I know it’s wrong but sometimes it’s just overwhelming

At times I do this too. Just know you are not alone. Keep reaching out, it will help- things will get better and easier. Take it moment by moment. You are loved no matter what.

Just keep trying.

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Sometimes it is hard to find value in ourselves.

It often is easier to give others credit for what they do, while at the same time undervaluing that same exact thing when we do it ourselves.

I find journaling one way to keep track of the day to day… the things that we do, the changes we make… and something that we can look back at and see our personal progress. You may consider trying that.

Also… If you legitimately cannot find something worthy in yourself… or not worthy enough, perhaps instead of telling yourself that you are not enough, look at what you have and what you are specifically unhappy with and what could you do to make yourself feel better… and then come up with a plan on how to move from where you are to where you want to be… not huge superman leaping over building jumps but a legitimate plan of steps.

Consider enlisting a friend, family member, counselor, therapist, support group, even a crisis line to help you plan and work out your plan.

You matter. Your experiences are valid.

This is something that is bothering you… and regardless of what anyone says, this is important to you, so lets work through this and figure it out and get you to a place where you feel worthy to you.

In the meantime, try to not punish yourself by not eating. I know it’s hard and saying it once isn’t going to cut it… my concern is that not eating is depriving your brain with the nutrients that it needs in order to work out this very important plan. It may be that before we get to the plan (I say we as an overall we… keep reaching out for help. The we is the all encompassing group of people who care and know that you matter, because you do, and who are there to help) anyway… it may be that before we get to the plan that we need a nutritionist to help us with eating in a way that will keep us mentally able to think and physically healthy to work towards a better us. (yes us… life is a journey… there is always tweeks to be done, stuff to look forward too, change, better, love… all sorts of stuff to work on while we enjoy the day to day… or working on enjoying the day to day…)

You are never alone.

You matter.

Thank you for writing this. Many of us need a reminder of our worth… a reminder to take a look and give ourselves credit for who we are… what we have done and what we are planning to do… and all of our efforts along the way.

Take care of you.

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Here is our live response from our Twitch stream with Mark from Unveil The Strength:

Hold Fast.


Hi Friend!!!

I’m so sorry to hear what you’ve been going through. Eating is a right (and pleasure) fhat everyone deserves, but unfortunately there are voices in this world that tell us we don’t deserve to.
My advice to you is two fold. The first step is to think about how good you would feel if you had the motivation to eat an awesome breakfast lunch or dinner. If it is in your control to be able to do so , try with all your strenth and might to overcome the lies that tell you you aren’t worth it.

My second advice is much harder to do. It’s to tell yourself that “you belong”. These words are taken from Francesca Batistellis praise and worship album “own it”. Tell yourself that you are special, you are loved, and you deserve to love yourself. Listen to some music to help you overcome your feelings.
Stay strong.

I too struggle with this at times. I know I’m overweight, and I’ve always known this. I stayed in a toxic relationship thinking it could be my last relationship, worried that no one else would find me attractive, and that I would be alone my whole life. Some days I wake up loving myself, seeing more than my weight in the mirror, and other days I hate myself for looking the way that I do. There is so much more to life, honestly. And although sometimes it’s hard to remind yourself of that, you have to just push through and find your passions & your people. You are absolutely enough. I always liked the quote “you will never be enough for the wrong person,” because it’s true. But you are enough for yourself, and you will meet people who see deeper than your insecurities.