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Hi, I struggle with depression and self-harm. Sometimes I feel like I’m not listened to or understood by friends or family. I get bullied at school for being different and that does not help the situation. And I let other people’s opinions get to me. I have a few friends that struggle with the same things but they like to shove their problems on to me hoping I’ll magically fix them. It’s hard to deal with other people’s issues as well as my own. I hope to get a little bit of understanding from this. Thanks. 💕 I also have pink hair…just for you

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You matter and I support you.

I started responding to the people writing on the support wall at Warped Tour and soon found that as the day was ending there are a lot of people, like yourself, bravely reaching out for support.

You mentioned depression and self-harm. Hopefully when you were add the tent you were given a book, “The Dwarf Planet” for depression. There is a book for self-harm, as well, “ReWrite.”

The following link will give you information on how to get both books, you can purchase them (if you did not get “Dwarf Planet” that is listed as well), or if money is an issue, there are links to get both books for free… and if you did not get the other DO take advantage of the offer, it is done for people who need assistance:


If for any reason you feel awkward (and you shouldn’t but some do) about receiving a free book, what you can do is take what you need now and then later when you are in a better place either pass those books on to someone else who can use them or donate the price of the books to HeartSupport for people who need them in the future, or both… totally not necessary but paying it forward in some way is always a good plan.

My advice is heartfelt and hopefully helpful in some way. I care.

I do really believe in you and whatever it is that brought you here today. It was really smart and brave of your to reach out.

Please do consider therapy. I know some people have negative thoughts about therapy… and others are worried about costs and insurance. There are some really good therapists out there and I am hopeful that you will find one with a personality that you can relate too, someone you can trust and who will do right by you, as you deserve. In the US many colleges who have courses for counselors offer low cost or even free therapy. The students may have a type of internship where they gain experience and you gain therapy… There are other alternatives as well, if you are having trouble finding them consider contacting a crisis line… they are trained to help you come up with a plan and they have lots of useful resources that they can offer you for free. Crisis counselors are awesome people and want to help, so give them a shot.

Overall, you do matter. You deserve so much more. Take care of you. There is a beautiful tomorrow out there waiting for you to arrive.

Edit: added information about the books.

Hey, my beautiful friend. First off, I do understand what you are going through and please know that you’re not alone. Your differences make you who you are.
You’re probably very empathetic and have a calming spirit, like me.
I think our friends and family reach out to us for help because it makes them feel better, but honestly, it can be so draining. You cannot pour from an empty cup and it’s perfectly okay to establish some healthy boundaries with those that are close to you. It’s okay to ask for help, either from your friends, or from an adult that you trust. Love you, friend. :heart: Hold fast.

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Just a note to mention that I made an edit to add some information about resources for both depression and self-harm. I made the edit and then realized that you may not see it unless you get a notification so I made another reply anyway… just a quick link to make it easy for you: https://heartsupport.com/resources/

You matter. I care. I was thinking about you from hours ago and came back to add more info…

PS. Love pink hair! My pic is horribly small and dark but the hair is pink. ;p

Pink hair?!! That is so cool! I’ve always wanted purple or pink hair. It can be so hard when it feels like no one actually listens to you. Sometimes we don’t need people to tell us what to do, we just want someone to listen. I want you to know that we are here and we hear you. Getting help and healing from self harm and depression is not easy and there is no magical fix. It takes work and it takes ups and downs. But I want you to know that it is okay to take a step back from taking on too much at once. You can’t help someone when you are struggling too. It is okay to say, “Hey! I love you, but I don’t think I’m in a healthy place to help you right now.” A good friend will understand and want you to find help for your own issues as well. It is not your job to deal with other people’s issues. It is your job to take care of yourself and to love others. Hold fast. We believe in you.

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Hi friend,
I know that what others say can really hurt. I am so sorry that you are struggling with the words of others. Bullying is not okay and I too have had to deal with it for years on end. I battled to find that ground where I felt like all of me was okay. I too have struggled to accept myself because of it. Allowing others to shove their problems on you sounds like you want to help but in the end you are not helping with your own things. I am so sorry that people arent there for you. I think it might be wise for you too tell your friends that at this point you need some help from them. I know easier said than done but remember until you are able to help fix things of your own you are just pouring out of an empty cup basically. Keep fighting for what is good and not those negative things in your life. Battle for the bigger things and not the things that keep you down. I want to say that it will get better that so much is going to go alright for you. I am also going to say that you need to help your cracks and pieces.
I am not sure if you have heard about the two books by heartsupport. They are great when it comes too depression “Dwarf Planet” and than on self harm called “Rewrite”. Both of these are great books when it comes to dealing with stuff. They are workbooks perhaps your friends could use one or the other. Heartsupport as a lot of ways to help get copies to people in need just let us know if you need it. We want to make stuff accessible for all in need.

Hold fast we are here for you.


You are a beautiful person. You have a purpose in this life. This community is showing you love. You are loved. Remember that.