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i’m starting college this summer and i’m scared and sad that i get to leave all of my friends and family.

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Thank you for posting on the wall. Lot of changes are scary. It’s perfectly normal, but my hope is that you know that you don’t really leave friends and family. Their love is always around. Their love is an encouragement to help you know that if you need anything, a call a visit or help, it is available.
Congratulations on your journey to College. My prayer is that you have a wonderful experience where your unique gifts help those around you and help you create amazing life long friendships.
Blessings and peace.

Congrats on starting college! I can see how it’s scary though. Just because you’re going to be physically away from them, doesn’t mean they wont be there. You will still be able to arrange to meet them. You can contact them via text/message/phone call. You won’t be on your own, and you’ll make some awesome new friends too!
Get some time with these people in, make memories. Get some pictures that you can keep and make you feel better! You’re going to do amazing!

Hold Fast

Change is scary, the best thing we can do, is try to avoid being fortune tellers and assume we know what is going to happen, especially if we assume it is going to be the worst thing possible.

Take it one step at a time right now. Only focus on what you DO know, and the NOW. That will make sure you have a ton of sweet memories to hold onto before you are off onto a new adventure!

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Hey there! First of all, Congratulations for going to gollege, it’s a big deal! Any change in your life is almost always scary, at least for me. But the thing i’ve realized is that without change I would never be better, I would never evolve, I would never learn new things about myself, i would never learn new things about the world and other people. Without change I would never be who I am today. Your frineds will not disappear anywhere, they’re still just a Phone call away, hopefully supporting you in every step of the way. Be curious about the future and try to see the change as a good thing, as an opportunity to be better you! I believe in you, do your self a favour and believe in you too!

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Starting college, moving away, and leaving loved ones is so difficult. But I want you to know that those people that love you are always there for you. Maybe not right in front of you, but they are always a phone call or text away. Starting new comes with so much fear, but I promise you that you there are so many new friends and adventures just waiting for you. Be patient with yourself and remember that change is difficult, but change also helps us to become who we are meant to be. It’s just another chapter of your story! Hold fast.

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First congrats on starting college. It is always a bit stressful but believe me it is possible too find a wonderful time at school. I dont know how far away your school is from your home but perhaps you can find away too keep that contact with your family and friends. I will also say that you will make a bunch of new friends while at college. I know I did. I found groups and clubs to join. It helped me see that I am okay just the way I am. I got involved and found that people who shared the same excitement as me they enjoyed the same things as me.

Hold fast


You are not forsaking your family and friends. Do your best to stay in contact with them. Congratulations on starting college. It will change your life. Thank you for sharing.

Hey friend I can relate when I went to college i went to a college across the country and was alone. But it took time but i created the best college family. Keep your head up friend you are loved.

Hold Fast
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