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I’ve struggled with opening up about my sexuality because finding a label seems necessary and it feel like nothing fits me. Almost like I don’t belong to any group of people.

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I know what it’s like to feel like you don’t belong anywhere with any group or any type of people. I’m hoping you can find your own group that you feel comfortable not having to justify your identity and journey, and they can support and understand you.

Even though labels seem important, there is so much more about you than just one identity/thing! There is no one else exactly like you, and that’s awesome! It is scary to be open about your sexuality; just know that it’s not the only thing that defines you and you don’t have to fit into one specific group.

Sometimes lables can be negative and hurt people. Some well . Don’t know how to put that . If yywau nt to be gay , be gay . If you want to be lesbian be lesbian , want to be straight be straight . Don’t let these lables bother you . Be you . Be who you feel comfortable to be . We love you no matter what !
· Ashley

Society puts so much pressure on finding a label to box someone in. But I think that that can be unhealthy. Sexuality is a spectrum and not everyone fits into a perfect box. Finding a place where you belong depends on if the people you surround yourself with love and accept you. Through life you might find a label you like to identify yourself more. But for right now, those labels are not important. What is important is that you know that you are loved and that you matter. Hold fast. We believe in you.

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Finding who we are is so so hard. I remember when I was trying to find my LABEL. At times i just want to say screw the labels and be whoever you want to be. Sometimes it is so hard to not let those around us ask for our identities but for me I finally started saying screw it I am just Ash. I know that we may not be able to determine who we are. I also know that people just want to feel accepted as they are so for me I legit started trying to just be me. It isnt easy to just accept yourself as you and not let the labels define you but deep down only you set who you are and you cant let the labels be what determines who you are. The world will accept you once you accept yourself. I am so sorry that it is hard to find that. But you do matter and you do have value that no one has that right to determine but you.

Hold fast

hi friend,
I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. I just wanna let you know that you are loved and cared for. you will be loved no matter what. I hope you find comfort and encouragement here, and continue to come back and share how you feel with us: )
stay strong


You are more than a label. You are a human being who wants and needs love. That is what everyone in this world has in common. Regardless of how different we are. Thank you for letting this community know about your trial.