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I’m struggling with self doubt.

I struggle with self doubt too. It’s mainly because I’m told that I’m not good enough. So I get it. Please remember that you’re important and that you’re loved. We’re happy you posted friend. Hold fast! :heart:

It seems there will always be self doubt. Sometimes you do just what you can, and let Grace cover the things you can’t by yourself.

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Hey self doubt it such a struggle for me. I too have battled for years to not let that self doubt make me drown. I look at it like an ocean or riding a horse. The trick I was taught as a kid was do not let the horse take back the control of their head because they will end up not seeing you as boss. So I started when my self doubt creeps in telling myself hey you dont have that control to determine what is good or bad about me. I dont let that doubt even have a minute to set me off. If I let it that it just controls all of me and that is not okay. Perhaps find something like that example that works for you. Or like a candle dont let it go out by the self doubt when you let anything take that control of your thoughts you are giving it power to take away the flame.

Another thing that I feel could be helpful is to make a list of everything you and others love about you than in those moments of self doubt go back and read that list. It may seem stupid but in reality self doubt is us trying to not believe the good things about us.

Hold fast