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I struggle with PTSD

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You are not alone, friend. You are loved, you are enough.

Many people struggle with PTSD friend.
My best friend suffers very badly - we can find her sat in the corner shaking and screaming. We’ve learnt that, giving her something to visually count really helps to ground her. Try to find that thing for you. You can get through this. Keep fighting. You’re not alone. So many people here in the community struggle with PTSD too.

Hold Fast.

I had to fight through PTSD after my assault. I suffered from attacks, so much that it was a daily thing. I know even now I can still have an attack. I have worked through by singing drawing and friends get to a point where I work with my issues.

You are not alone in this struggle and I hope you know this is a place to open up about that.

Video response from our live stream on Twitch!

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